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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:39pm 27/06/15 | 7 Comments
Joaby had a chance recently to have a chat with Heroes of the Storm's Chris Sigaty about the game's shift into final release territory, as well as the challenges that come with the Australian eSports scene.

From the feature:
The team that wins the ANZ Finals (held on August 1 following two rounds of qualifiers) will fly to the United States to compete against champions from South East Asia, Latin America and North America and continue on to the World Championships in Anaheim in November. Relatively speaking, the ANZ champions will compete in a group of death before they even get to the world championships.

Heroes of the Storm is far from the only fish in the eSports pond, and other games are doing interesting things to drive up prize pools. Dota 2, a similar game, approaches prize funding using crowd-sourced funds to raise the pool above $11 million dollars for its "The International" tournament.

With this in mind, we got Executive Producer for Heroes of the Storm, Chris Sigaty, to give further details on Blizzard's plans HOTS eSports.
Click here for the full interview feature.

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Posted 07:42pm 27/6/15
I'm glad Blizzard are giving Aussie a bit of a kickstart for this. Our population size and remoteness compared to the rest of the world makes it quite hard for us to compete on an international scale for eSports. We can only really play amongst ourselves as many eSport games are too heavily affected by our international latency.

That being said a CSGO team, Vox Eminor, recently played in an international league and did very well against the top European teams, something which even North America struggles with. Vox Eminor have changed sponsers and now known as Renegades. This is because the funding required to put up a team at an international level is quite expensive.

Hopefully Blizzard helps solve this issue for Australians in the eSports community.
Posted 08:01am 28/6/15
They have to make some real changes to their tech if they want to try to compete with DOTA.

The ability to watch live games, with various commentary tracks, and a multitude of options in DOTA is the most compelling thing around esports for a looong time. No one else is close, and Valve have had it for years. PLUS you can have professional/semi professional tournaments going all the time, within the game client. Also, the way that Valve/DOTA build their prize pool, in addition to engaging the community with shiny trinkets with the compedium is f*****g genius. Seriously, Blizz is sooo far behind now on the esports front it's not even funny.

I think you need to grow the community who are actually interested in watching professional / semi-professional games first, throwing all your money/effort into live video streams around big tournaments just seems like you're missing a few of the foundations to make the whole thing successful.
Posted 08:19am 28/6/15

They are trying to get guys from here to play arena in WoW as well and they will fly the winners of the tournaments here to the US for the finals. Personally I gave up on WoW pvp long ago but I admire their desire to at least give us a chance.

Posted 09:31am 28/6/15
Agree with Zapo. The Dota 2 technology for esports is just incredible. It takes all the best parts of things like WolfTV/ETTV from back in the day and has rolled them into an incredible scalable package that allows for end users to easily participate in the entire ecosystem. It is so well done I spend almost as much time marveling at the execution as I do watching pro games.

I find watching games on Twitch/Youtube now so, so frustrating. Even if you're not a Dota 2 player (why not!?!) you should get the game just to spectate a few pro games when The International kicks off - it will make you aware of how high the bar is for esports now, and how few games come anywhere near it.
Posted 09:56am 28/6/15
I've a fairly good hunch that this is what the Blizzard SF team are working on... (eSports Tech for
Posted 09:12am 01/7/15
You gonna be in Australia for TI5 trog?
Posted 11:43am 01/7/15
Nah I get back to US just in time for the final series. Really looking forward to it. I have watched a few of the prelim rounds on YouTube but can't stand it - I keep trying to move the mouse to edge of screen to move the camera and nothing happens!@#
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