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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:32am 23/06/15 | 10 Comments
While Microsoft's 1TB Xbox One console and new controller have been known about for a few weeks, Sony has also revealed an updated 1TB PS4, which also has some new features.

The PlayStation®4 Ultimate Player Edition brings all the est that PlayStation® has to offer, with massive space to download and master the best games. The timing has never been better, with PS4’s game offering continuing to expand in 2015 with cutting edge games like the highly anticipated Until Dawn™, Batman: Arkham Knight™, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Destiny: The Taken King and God of War™III: Remastered all arriving soon.

Players can take advantage of double the storage capacity to download their favourite new release titles from the PlayStation®Store (PS Store). With PS Store anyone can make sure they get their hands on the biggest games as soon as they’re released by pre-­‐ordering; the auto-­‐download feature ensures that pre-­‐ordered games will automatically download to your PS4 so you can play the second they launch. With the PlayStation®4 Ultimate Player Edition, that means even more space to instantly download the best games available. Additionally the increased storage lets players take full advantage of the PlayStation®Plus Instant Game Collection™ with maximum space on the new system to download games.
The new system will be available to purchase in Australia from July 15 for a SRP of AUD$549.95.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:04pm 23/6/15
"Anything Microsoft Does, We Can Do Better"...except backwards compatibility :0.
Posted 05:08pm 23/6/15
Want to play old games, buy the old console
Posted 07:19pm 23/6/15
i thought you could just replace the HDD with a bigger notebook HDD? or even an SSD? not true?
Posted 08:25pm 23/6/15
Not to take away from the post as this is Sony's fault - but why the f*** is announcing the same thing with a bigger hard drive news? When did we as gamers suddenly start to jump for joy over a bigger hard drive that costs $70 from MSY.
Posted 08:59am 24/6/15
As long as your happy thats all that matters :)

Trex I do believe you can upgrade the PS4's HDD yourself.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:51am 24/6/15
Tic, it's news because a lot of people might have held off on purchasing a PS4 due to smaller HDD size in the first place. Now they know there's a 1TB console coming mid next month and what price it will be.
Posted 04:46pm 24/6/15
Or you could be like me and crack the s**** that you just bought one a few weeks ago and have already filled the c***..
Posted 05:00pm 24/6/15
you can put your own hdd in a ps4. you can even put an ssd in if you want.
Posted 06:07pm 24/6/15
Which is what I'll have to do. I'm just pissed my timing was so s***.
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