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Amongst all the big blockbuster games being shown at E3 this year, several fantastic looking indie games graced the stages at just about every conference. From No Man's Sky to Cuphead, indies are proving themselves to be just as impressive as the big boys. The indie games shown this year represent a wide range of talent from across the globe, with games that range from the supremely fun to the strange and abstract. Click through for highlights.

First up we have Cuphead, which is headed for Xbox One and PC next year. Originally making its debut at E3 2014, this platform game which aims to recreate the look and feel of a manic animated short from the 1920's, looks like pure magic. So much so that you'll strangely be left wondering how they managed, in the 21st century no less, to make a game look exactly like its inspiration.

Next we have Firewatch, which puts you in the shoes of a volunteer fire fighter. Which granted, may not sound all that exciting. But then you see the game in motion and get glimpses of the amazing art, fascinating walkies-talkie driven conversations, and little environmental touches. Plus, there's exploring a forest environment. Which never gets old. Firewatch is due for release later this year for PS4 and PC.

Comparisons to System Shock 2 are nothing to sneeze at. Although why someone would sneeze at a comparison is anyone's guess. Tacoma, which at a glance looks like System Shock 2 minus the ever-present and pervasive horror, is the new game from Fullbright. The studio behind the critically aclcaimed Gone Home. Billed as a science fiction first-person exploration game, Tacoma is headed to PC and Xbox One in 2016.

Keeping the sci-fi theme rolling comes ION, from the creator of the extremely popular DayZ. Pegged as space survival game, players will get to own specific regions of space and build things like space stations. And probably struggle to survive, or something. Not much is known about the game, and the trailer is anything but forthcoming. But even so, this is one to keep and eye out for. ION is headed for Xbox One and PC at an as yet unknown date.

You wouldn't think that a game where the characters have no faces would look so, well, fascinating. The stylish looking Ashen from New Zealand-based studio Aurora44, is exactly that. The action role-player is described as an experience where players take on the role of a wanderer in search of a place to call home. And as the trailer shows, a place filled with majestic sky beasts.

Okay, enough bright and beautiful visuals for now, let's take a look at first-person survival horror game ENKI. Actually, lets not. Because it looks pretty damn scary. And for fans of survival-horror this defnitely looks pretty intense. And scary. Set in very dark and Gothic environment ENKI looks to be a very traditional survival horror game, with a heavy focus on puzzles. Its currently an Xbox One exclusive.

So far this list has been relatively blood-free. Which Mother Russia Bleeds definitely more than makes for with its stylish visuals and classic beat-em up gameplay. Set in an alternate USSR, Mother Russia Bleeds is a co-op brawler to keep an eye for when it gets released next year for PC and PS4.

Blues and Bullets is an episodic series set to debut on Xbox One. In this stylish adventure, players will take on the role of detective Eliot Ness as he attempts to solve his last case. The first episode is due for release later this month, much like that other game featuring a famous detective. You know the one. The supremely gritty game starring a crime-solving bat and his lovable bird sidekick.

Sometimes all you need is bacon. A wise and true sentiment that Bacon Man brings right to the fore. What with players taking control of a sentient, and charismatic, piece of crispy bacon and all. This fun-looking action platformer from Skymap Games will feature co-op play in addition to a story set in the land of different foods. A land that also happens to be filled with food-related characters. But probably none as tasty as bacon.

Time for the abstract! And Gemini, a game that began life as a project created by a group of people at New York University. Described as "a journey of two falling stars flying back to the heavens and lighting up the sky", Gemini definitely has that indie look that people either love or hate. Actually, hate is probably a weird reaction to have to what looks like a calm and serene experience. Gemini is headed to Xbox One and PC.

Beyond Eyes stands out for a number of reasons but mainly because it stars a blind girl in search of a lost friend. In the game, Rae's other five senses will paint a portrait of her surroundings. Which in turn gives the game an impressive aesthetic.

Lastly, we have No Man's Sky. Also known as 'The Biggest Game Ever Created, Scope Wise. I Mean, There's An Entire Universe to Explore! Can You Wrap Your Head Around That? No? Okay, But You're Still Impressed.'

Yes, yes we are.

Of course, this is but a few of the indie offerings either being announced or shown in updated form at E3 2015. We'll continue to keep an eye out for interesting new games being shown, and no doubt will return with Indie Showcase 2: Rise of The Indies.

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