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With E3 traditionally being all about console makers and publishers, its good to know that 2015 is the year of the first PC-centric E3 Show which was held earlier today. The AMD Presents PC Gaming Show Powered by PC Gamer. And much like that title the show itself was definitely a bit all over the place, and weirdly presented like a late-night talk show. But even so, a more than welcome addition to E3. Click through for highlights.

Kicking things off was a behind the scenes look at Star Citizen, the crowdfunding success story that has raised well over $80 million in funding. An almsot unfathomable amount of money for what is easily one of the most ambitious games currently in development. And from what we can see here, this sort of money makes development of a game look like the set of Avatar or one of the Lord of the Rings movies.

Next up we have Planet Coaster a spiritual successor of sorts to the classic PC series, RollerCoaster Tycoon. Developed by Frontier, the studio behind the superbly detailed Elite: Dangerous, Planet Coaster is set to bring the same sensibility to the world of coasters and thrill-rides. It will be available in 2016.

Speaking of simulation games, the PC is home to many. And a lot of them strange in their depiction of seemingly menial and repetitive tasks like farming, driving tractors, trains, buses, and so forth. Well, time to add American Truck Simulator to that list, which no doubt will provide the definitive interactive trucking across the United States experience.

Already shown at the separate Oculus VR showing, the developers behind EVE: Valkyrie were on hand to talk about an experience that was built from the ground up for Virtual Reality.

Kicking off a string of expansion and add-on announcements for PC games was Pillars of Eternity: The White March. An expansion to the recently released, and critically well received, RPG from Obsidian. The new expansion will increase the level cap, provide new areas to explore, plus a new and complex story to play through.

A modern PC gaming show would feel remiss if there wasn't even a little MMO coverage. And today this was filled by the announcement of Guild Halls coming to Guild Wars 2.

Hey look, it's Blizzard! And they're here to talk about the upcoming expansion to Heroes of the Storm, called Heroes of the Storm: Eternal Conflict. Which will bring the Monk from Diablo and more Diablo-themed content to the popular MOBA.

Perhaps the biggest Blizzard-related announcement of the show was that Starfract II: Legacy of the Void will soon be getting a set of prologue missions called Whispers of Oblivion that are set to bridge the gap between the last game and the final part of the trilogy due sometime in the future.

Capping off the first PC Gaming Show was another look at No Man's Sky, which in addition to the PlayStation 4 version is also headed to PC. A game whose ambition is so grand, and frankly mesmerising, that it has quickly become one of the most anticipated games of recent times.

In addition to all of the above there was also looks at upcoming indie titles like Strafe, Tacoma, SOMA, and Take on Mars. Plus news from Microsoft that Gears of War and Killer Instinct are headed for PC via Windows 10.

You can watch the full PC Gaming Show below, and feel free to let us know what stood out for you.

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