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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:42pm 15/06/15 | 5 Comments
Bethesda's pre-E3 showcase just ended and there's a lot to take away from it, but one of the key opening points was that Doom would ship with full-blown multiplayer and, perhaps more importantly, mod support across all platforms.

Bethesda Softworks has revealed that the forthcoming Doom (reboot) is running off the id Tech 6 engine and will feature a complete multiplayer mode, but will also come with a mod/creation tool dubbed "Doom Snapmap" which is a featured part of the game but also a new platform from Bethesda simply called (and homed)

The publisher has raised its own bar, following in the footsteps of Blizzard and has created a home for all of its great products, but also for all of their fan-related content, from forums to mods and more. Currently the site is bookmarked with the classic Bethesda square logo and nothing more, but should be up and running soon.

Snapmap, which we'll learn more about soon is a clear step in the right direction, and will allow a huge amount of customisability (made that word up) for Doom and potentially other Bethesda products. We don't have much more than what we saw at the presser to go on, but as soon as we have some official lines from the publisher, we'll let you know.

Check out the E3 gameplay trailer embedded below:

e3 2015doombethesdamod supportmodsmultiplayernext-gen

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Posted 04:45pm 15/6/15
This is a brilliant move by them. The editor is truly a step ahead, as making such complex maps without all those prefab assets would take eons. This way it is totally accessible and I think it will work quite well on the consoles.

Fingers crossed that the multiplayer is as good as previous id games, aside from Doom 3 of course. That was a real shame.
Posted 05:57pm 15/6/15
Is this going to be in iOs?
Posted 09:40am 16/6/15
Hmm. Seems kind of forgettable. Lots of gibbing which of course we'd expect but doesn't look like it does a lot to differentiate it from Doom 3.

It's hard to tell because it just does the dumb thing of throwing a bunch of clips together randomly (man I hate this technique for trailers, whether video game or movie) but it looks like it might have a lot of neat fast-action kind of gameplay a bit more reminiscent of Doom/Doom 2.

How this stacks up for multiplayer will (of course) be the only thing I really care about. Having a map editor is a good first step but unless there's a good easy way for people to share and play those maps then what's the point - for me, that means a decentralised MP game where everyone can run their own servers and mods and stuff.

That said it's a bit of a different ballgame with VR so close on the horizon. I hope they've factored that in to the SP experience.
Posted 09:46am 16/6/15
A lot of Brutal Doom influence. Mostly excited for the MP.
Posted 04:57pm 16/6/15
wtb map01 and map07 recreated for it.
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