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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:49am 03/06/15 | 9 Comments
Confirming what we've all known (or hoped) for the past few years, Bethesda Game Studios' next big announcement is set to be a Fallout 4 reveal at this year's E3, which publisher Bethesda all but 'officially' confirmed when they set up this countdown.

What this countdown does, however, is hopefully reveal that what we're going to see of the game at Bethesda's pre-E3 isn't just a CG teaser or the like, but rather a complete slice of gameplay given the clock here suggests more will be revealed in just under 14 hours (from this post).

Presumably then, that leaked info on a CG trailer having been created is the pre-reveal before proper unveiling of the game at E3. At least that's what we hope.

Now we all played Skyrim, and the leap to Fallout 3 from Oblivion was huge (bugs aside), so what do you expect Fallout 4 is going to deliver, and if you're a die-hard, any ideas on what the setting might be? East Coast? West Coast again? A larger slice of the US? Will we see weather this time around rather than just day and night? Rad Scorpion Mounts? And, most importantly -- will it release this year?

Drop us your thoughts in the Comments below.

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Posted 12:26pm 03/6/15
Good models and textures.

Improved crafting and repair.

More weapons of each type.

I don't know much about Fallout lore so I don't really care where it's set.

More buildings to go into.

More places to make ones home.

A mount of some kind would be an ok addition, a radded up looking horse for example.

Weather cycles that are easy to mod/change so I can have it set on rainy/stormy all the time.

A 2015 release would be nice too.
Posted 01:02pm 03/6/15
I LOVE FALLOUT. three was better than New Vegas imo. But... they are so much fun.
Posted 01:20pm 03/6/15

I LOVE FALLOUT. three was better than New Vegas imo.

lol trolling

Fallout 2> fallout 1> Fallout NV > fallout 3

Posted 01:21pm 03/6/15
I'm basically expecting a game world as big and polished, detailed and fleshed out and alive as the Witcher 3, anything else will be a complete and utter disappointment.

Fallout 3 wasn't that good IMO, fallout NV was better and felt more like a fallout game, now they just need to turn it back into an epic RPG and move away from a lot of the ES style systems and my nostalgia boner will hit maximum stiffness.

I also feel asif all single player next gen games should utilise the blood message system that the souls series is known for along with player ghosts etc. That kind of world and player connection is some truly next gen s*** that needs to be utilised to the point that i'm sick of seeing it.
Posted 01:23pm 03/6/15
Fallout 3's story and characters were completely awful but the game was okay I guess. No one at Bethesda can write for s*** I don't expect this game to be any different.
Posted 01:33pm 03/6/15
lol trolling

story was better in F3, I enjoyed the resistance fighter plot. New Vegas was a bit directionless, a lone ranger just takin it one day at a time didn't work for me #justsayin

i never played 1 or 2. but for a 3D RPG their engine is extremely s***. it's the plot that attracted me.
Posted 02:03pm 03/6/15
The ownership system in TES and Fallout 3 / NV has always pissed me off.

I hope they change it. Bugs the hell outta me that I can't sleep in a bed if I break into a house and kill the only occupant.
Posted 02:10pm 03/6/15
Yeah I found fallout 3's storyline to be quite amateur and boring. NV was far more interesting.

In the end though, The Witcher 3 has set a bar for single player RPG's and Fallout 4 has a tough job to reach that bar.
Posted 04:54pm 03/6/15
Please don't use Creation Engine, it feels so dated... Come on, id is next door, use their tech ;)

Definitely looking forward to a Fallout 4, though.
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