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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:11pm 29/05/15 | 5 Comments
AusGamers was recently invited out to a pre-E3 showcase in which we were handed a controller and given free reign to Batman our way through the most realistic and stunning virtual creation of Gotham City ever, with Batman: Arkham Knight.

Not only is the game gorgeous though, it plays as silky-smooth as we've come to expect from Rocksteady and is one of the few games that is likely to drag me away from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt this year.

From my preview:
Key to Batman’s success in whatever form he’s presented in, is his readiness for every scenario. Part of that readiness is a synergy between the man and his toys -- everything feels like it belongs, and like so many videogame systems in design, they’re able to be layered to be utilised across the board. It’s why nothing ever feels convenient, and it’s why you always feel all-powerful as the World’s Greatest Detective. So with this in mind, it makes perfect sense that the Batmobile would not only be used to help boost further when gliding, but during combat for takedowns and for expanding Batman’s path where he might not otherwise be able to go -- it even aids him in the apprehension of villains, or the safe delivery of the good guys.

The full extent to which the Batmobile is used throughout the game, and what else it’s capable of, is yet to be revealed, but in a recent hands-on session two things beyond that synergy mentioned above stood out: you’re almost never forced to use the Batmobile, especially in traversal -- how you get around is entirely up to you and, the Riddler Challenge race courses with the Batmobile kick ass.
Click here to read my Batman: Arkham Knight hands-on, which also features a new and lengthy gameplay video, straight from Rocksteady.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:01pm 29/5/15
This does look amazing. You know, I was never a fan of the original Asylum and only really enjoyed City by the end. Which was all my fault really. I suck at combo action style games and it took me two whole Batman games to actually figure out how to play them properly. Which means I should adore this one.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:10pm 29/5/15
The city's verticality is unprecedented in games. It's incredibly huge and almost intimidating. I always felt Batman was large in both Asylum and City, but here he seems so small to the rest of the game-world.
Posted 01:34am 30/5/15
13 out of 10?
Posted 01:35am 30/5/15
Kosta, I hear you.

Took me a few attempts to get into Arkham Asylum. But once I got used to the x-box controller on my PC I have been playing all three games in the series to death.

Can't wait for this one.
Posted 07:04pm 30/5/15
Got it on preorder from kinguin for $30aud. Looks moist.
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