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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:49pm 28/05/15 | 3 Comments
Blizzard's answer to the awesome that is Team Fortress 2 is definitely shaping up to become a big player in the online shooter space. In a newly released video, showcasing an entire round from the perspective of Tracer, you can get an early glimpse into how exactly a round of Overwatch could play out. Which is to say, fast, frantic, and genuinely kinetic.

Tracer, who seems to be like Scout from Team Fortress 2 (but on some sort of sci-fi version of crack), is an interesting choice for this unedited look at a round of Overwatch. Mainly because Tracer is probably the fastest character in the game, zipping around at will, whilst being able to pull off moves so fast that you'll no doubt miss half of them due to the process of blinking.

This new video follows a batch of recent Overwatch gameplay videos featuring detailed looks at different characters in the game -- including Hanzo, McCree, Mercy, and Zenyatta.

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Posted 03:44pm 28/5/15
i have a huge boner for this game. huge.
Posted 03:53pm 28/5/15
This is sposed to go into beta soon isn't it? I think they said June 2015 at Blizzcon?
Posted 04:32pm 28/5/15
From my entirely limited viewing of this 1 video, Tracer seems OP.
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