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Another week another throwback. And this time we go way way back. To Zork, or to be exact, Return to Zork. The 1993 FMV-heavy reboot of the classic text adventure series first created in the late '70s. Zork, the sort of name that sounds familiar but you probably have no idea what it's about. Wizards and magic? Nope. More like fantasy towns populated by alcoholic rednecks and leather-vest-with-no-undershirt wearing blacksmiths.

From this weeks entry.
Return to Zork is an FMV-filled adventure game from the early multimedia obsessed '90s with puzzles and brain-teasers at every step. Its design is nonsensical, disconnected, and random in the same way that Myst’s was (both games came out around about the same time), but substitutes that game’s sense of wonder with goofiness. Like a wise old man who lives in a magical ball, a school teacher who looks like a porn extra, and a redneck who if you get drunk enough will give you keys to a door in his basement that opens up a passage to a parallel universe. None of it really makes sense, some of it is funny, but mostly it’s laughable.

Click here to read Throwback Thursday - Return to Zork (1993)

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Want some Rye? COURSE yah do!
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..etc...etc...AND THEY'RE ALL DEAD
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Want some Rye? COURSE yah do!

Oh this, so this.

"a new battery"
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