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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:29pm 20/05/15 | 8 Comments
It's widely known that a version of Doom 4 existed a few years back that id Software cancelled because it didn't "feel like Doom". Now, footage of what was going to make up part of a trailer for this version of Doom 4 has surfaced, and well, it definitely doesn't feel like Doom. In fact it looks like a completely different game.

The footage, which shows an army of soldiers in a drab grey-brown environment preparing for some sort of futuristic battle, makes the game look more like Call of Duty or Gears of War than Doom.

Thankfully, this version was scrapped.

On the plus side, the few frames we got to see the other day of the actual new Doom game, which is set to be unveiled by Bethesda at E3, looks like the real deal.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:05pm 20/5/15
soldiers in a drab grey-brown environment

I dunno, that part sounds right! :)
Posted 10:35pm 20/5/15
looks like post apocalyptic Crysis
Posted 09:51am 21/5/15
Looks like they confused Doom 4 with Rage 2 originally.
Posted 04:23pm 24/5/15
Piss off
Posted 06:01pm 24/5/15
Wow, thank f*** they canned that one.
Posted 09:17am 25/5/15
it looks "good" as a follow up to doom 3, but no, it's not doom 1 or 2. Id still like to play it though. Im the sadomasochist that played Duke Nukem Forever AND Aliens Colonial Marines through. twice. each. and both dlc's.
Posted 09:58am 25/5/15
Eww, go have a shower you grot.
Posted 01:08pm 27/5/15
It is good it got scrapped.
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