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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:37pm 13/05/15 | 3 Comments
As part of the announcement of the new Victorian-era Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Ubisoft have released a 9 minute walkthrough of some of the gameplay one can expect. Which naturally, includes a lot of stabbing.

In addition to the new top-hat heavy setting, the video also showcases some new additions to the Assassin's Creed formula.
    Grappling Hooks - Something which arguably should have been added a while ago. But, it seems to work as well as you could hope for in Assassin's Creed Syndicate, allowing for super quick building ascension.
    Fewer Roof Cops - Although the roofs in previous games were littered with the Fuzz, there's a distinct lack of roof patrol duty for the cops of Victorian London.
    Vehicles - In the form of horse and buggies, which Syndicate will have plenty of. Which you can both hide in and take for a spin.
    Distinct Stealth Mode - In Syndicate, wearing a top hat means you're just walking around being natural. Take the top hat off and put on your hoodie however, and that means you're in stealth-sneak-stab mode.
    Bill 'The Butcher' Mode - Gang fights so soot and mustache heavy that you'd think you were re-watching Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York

Of course, these are but a few observations. And with the less-than-polished release of last year's Unity things are definitely looking pretty good so far. Check out the video below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:26pm 13/5/15
Heh, I thought at first when he puts the hood on he just pulled a hood up over his top hat, but there is actually an animation for him stashing the top hat first.

No multiplayer either apparently, just focusing on single player. They were at a bit of a crossroads with multiplayer in Unity, I actually liked what they did with the co-op in theory but the netcode is so atrociously bad that unless you end up in a game with people local to you, it ends up unplayable and enemies are warping all over the place and its glitchy as f***. They either needed to overhaul and massively fix their netcode or just drop it entirely, and I guess for now they've just dropped it entirely. Hope they're overhauling it though and bringing it back for the next one, cos co-op has a lot of cool potential done well.
Posted 10:32am 14/5/15
So over Assassin's Creed. I feel this stuff is being rammed down my throat.
I'd rather a new Mafia game over this tripe anyday.
Posted 11:49am 14/5/15
love the setting but that gameplay was pretty boring.
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