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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:49pm 07/05/15 | 17 Comments
Joaby has been racing in any car, on any track, in any style he wants this past week, taking Slightly Mad's Project CARS for the AusGamers review spin. Is it a pole position in the racing space?

The short answer is, it's maybe a bit too blurry to tell. Well, not 'blurry', because Project CARS is gorgeous, but more in what it's yet to do but will likely get to, because even from the ground up, this game has been a community effort where car enthusiasts aren't just its life-blood, but its seed from the start.

From Joaby's review:
PCARS works very, very hard to accurately simulate the handling profiles of all of its vehicles. And as anyone who has been to a weekend long bucks party knows, Karts don't handle like cars. So starting in Karts taught me oodles of terrible habits regarding the game's control model. After moving beyond the Karts (both 125cc and 250cc) I found myself braking later, taking much tighter racing lines and generally racing poorly for a dozen races afterwards.

I think it's actually a testament to the game's accuracy, if anything -- it's rare that you feel such a distinct shift in handling without there being an environmental change to accompany it.
For the lazy readers out there, this review also comes packaged with a narrated video review component.

Click here for our Project CARS review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:38pm 07/5/15
No damage?
Posted 04:50pm 07/5/15
There's definitely damage. Here's me having lost a wheel, spun out and launched some clown.

Posted 05:26pm 07/5/15
I don't like the sounds of the typical crap AI not knowing where you are. How bad is it really? I got fed up with Forza and the AI just pushing you off the track if you were in their path, not to mention them being on rails so you spin out while they just carry on like nothing happened.
Posted 07:00pm 07/5/15
They definitely know where you are, you can tell they do. They just don't appear to care sometimes. I was reading the Day 1 patch notes that AI is now less inclined to shunt you off the track for the fun of it, which is great to know because they were kinda d**** about it previously.

Surprised you found Forza AI to be shoving you off tracks. You might need better friends, seeing how the degree to which Drivatars shove you off track is linked with your friend's driving style :P
Posted 07:22pm 07/5/15
Really? I just found that if I happened to be next to them when a corner came up, they'd follow that line like they were on a rail regardless of whether or not I was there and ended up just pushing me off the track every time.

In the end I just started doing PIT maneuvers on them but once again, their "on rails" programming prevented them from spinning out. They'd fishtail a little and speed off.
Posted 09:34am 08/5/15
Hopefully this works out better than Assetto Corsa.

I bought it expecting a great sim, got a mediocre driving arcade game... The only thing that made it worth-while was the native Rift support. So I've been waiting for a GOOD driving sim for quite a while.

Since this also has Rift support, this will be my go-to game in the future, methinks. It certainly looked good when I was watching it on twitch.
Posted 09:49am 08/5/15
Up front I'm gonna tell you -- it's not gonna outdo rFACTOR I think. Just cutting that one off at the pass. I think it's better than Assetto Corsa though.
Posted 05:08pm 08/5/15
I depends on what you're looking for. I think PC is a better racing game while Assetto is a better driving game. PC runs like crap on my computer though so that could be ticking me off.
Posted 06:46pm 08/5/15
Just played a pirated version for 10 minutes, definitely buying this ASAP. A masterpiece!

It's not too bad with a 360 controller but I can see why people highly recommend getting a wheel. I also recommend getting a decent sound system for it as well, the engine noises are brilliant out of my Onkyo!
Posted 06:58pm 09/5/15
I purchased Project cars on PS4 due to not being able to take my pc./wheel setup with me out on site.
I find the game to be very very responsive and its pretty much taking over on what everyone thought DRIVE CLUB would be.

The AI is very responsive. Slow down when a crash occurs, cut in and out of the pack. They also dont "randomly" spin out like in FM.
They are not only aware of where I am but where the rest of the field is.
Only played career so far and Im impressed. The tier system is awesome and functional. Having the choice to go from karting to LMP1 is awesome. Something hasnt really been done right since V8 Supercars 3 imho.
The selection of cars is pretty poor, but that will change with FREE DLC every month. i have high hopes for this game!

Im also having trouble with dlc codes not working. can anyone confirm the modified pack and LE packs working?
Posted 07:04pm 09/5/15
What's the damage model like? I've seen some videos and it seems a bit random. Like a head on causing a bit of bonnet damage and smashed lights...
Posted 01:47pm 11/5/15
Built an eyefinity triple screen rig, G27 and tablet running dashmeterpro just for this game. It is a truly incredible experience and a must buy for sim racing fans.
Posted 02:40pm 11/5/15
anyone have an idea on how many laps need to be completed to register on the community leaderboards for events?
I've done about 10 clean laps on the current FA de catalunya circuit
Posted 08:56pm 11/5/15
Cause the psychology of the drivers doesn't change of the course of the race. This is what's meant to separate the amateurs from the pro's but in most racing games all the AI are setup as pro's. Most of racing is psychology, which is why multiplayer in racing games is so important cause AI can not simulate us enough to make it convincing.

Nice cannon shot btw :)
Posted 09:29pm 11/5/15
Cool, might get this for PS4 then, at least my PS4 won't be just sitting here collecting dust
Posted 12:03pm 14/5/15
UI made for PC a bad point, you serious?
Posted 01:40pm 18/5/15
Karts is bloody hard, but rewarding once you persist.
I was frustrated initially , but when you think about it, it's unlikley you would be a good Kart driver in real life if you have never driven them before.
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