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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:12pm 07/05/15 | 16 Comments
Making good on his clever T800 impression, superstar skateboarder Tony Hawk is set to return to the world of video games later this year with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As per the name it will be a throwback to the classic skating hootenanny (skater slang for "fun times") of the original Tony Hawk games. And not the peripheral heavy, critically panned, later games in the series.

An early look at the new Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 at Game Informer clearly shows a game going back to its roots. Albeit one where:
The game weds the series' finely tuned gameplay with new additions such as power-ups and the ability to shoot projectiles for specific missions.

Busting flips and caps? Sign me up. Or down, or whichever way a cool sk8ter b0i would phrase that.

Speaking of Avril, much like with the original games this new Pro Skater will also feature the current crop of who's who in the skate world. Superstar nosesliders like Nyjah Huston, Aaron Homoki, Ishod Wair, Gareth Woodchipper, Francis Violinstrings, and Petunia Jellobutt.

Household names that you're no doubt familiar with. Except for the last three of course. Those were made up. So, well spotted there fellow grinders! Just weeding out the posers you see. Straight up looking forward to carving up some skate with you, and all the other true skaters, later this year. Word.

Latest Comments
Posted 12:20pm 07/5/15
That first screen looks so bad haha the expression on his face.
Posted 12:24pm 07/5/15
You could even say it's a little robotic, a little, T800...
Posted 12:26pm 07/5/15
f*** this, more pretend skateboarding with power ups n s***. SKATE 4 or nothing pls thnx.
Posted 01:52pm 07/5/15
f*** this, more pretend skateboarding with power ups n s***. SKATE 4 or nothing pls thnx.

No I disagree. If I wanted to skate then I would go out and f*****g do it.

What I loved about Tony Hawk was discovering the little stage and trying to do some stupid tricks. The music and trying to get up somewhere that seemed impossible made the game for me. You might disagree and think realism is the way to go but not for some people. For example a realistic racing game is boring but Burnout is heaps of fun. Need for speed was great too.
Posted 02:27pm 07/5/15
You might disagree and think silly arcade style skateboarding is the way to go but not for some people. Is that ok with you greazy?
Posted 02:36pm 07/5/15
the ability to shoot projectiles for specific missions.

oh ffs.
Posted 03:39pm 07/5/15
You might disagree and think silly arcade style skateboarding is the way to go but not for some people. Is that ok with you greazy?

Im not sure what you mean. I think you can enjoy both, enjoy one or the other or enjoy none. It's all ok!

Please don't get upset. I believe we can be civil about this matter. Or I can call you a f**ot. lol
Posted 05:14pm 07/5/15
lol, I was just pointing out that I personally am over the thps arcade s***, and prefer something like skate. which clearly your on the opposite side of, tis all.
works both ways and all that jazz.
Posted 09:43am 08/5/15
I guess sticking a super hard move in Skate would be awesome, but I felt I was playing street fighter except the button combos required a lot of Zangif moves just to do an ollie.
Posted 09:49am 08/5/15
yea the controls did take some getting used too, but I enjoyed it for the sense of realism it brought. you couldn't just launch into a 5 trick combo down a stair set, which you can't do in real life either. It made small scale stairs/rails/kickers etc actually feel like the real thing. plus I loved finding my own spots throughout the city.
Posted 10:05am 08/5/15
I never got too far in the game tbh. I think it's because of the lack of time and from getting tony hawkified, like you said you can't do a massive combo right from the beginning.

Can't believe there is a #4!
Posted 10:17am 08/5/15
There isn't a number 4, that's my point :P I wish there was.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:11am 08/5/15
skate was awesome, except in transition. Riding quarter pipes, bowls and vert just never ever felt right. It's the one area where the older Hawk games ruled. I rarely skated street, just hung out on vert ramps linking tricks for massive combos. So much fun.

I'm thoroughly concerned about the line in this article that suggests you need to "shoot" s***. FFS, Activsion.
Posted 12:27pm 08/5/15
I don't know it could be a gimmick or it could be fun. Maybe they have balls on them and you can get achievements for hitting stuff?

Probably it's a fireball
Posted 12:30pm 08/5/15
Insane vert skating... with guns.
Posted 07:33pm 09/5/15
"Some old school favorite game modes return, with a new twist. For Example collecting the letter s-k-a-t-e in one combo unlocks the Apache helicopter killstreak
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