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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 06:06pm 18/04/15 | 6 Comments
... from watching the trailer over and Over. And over! Which is what resident (and self-proclaimed) Star Wars expert Kosta did. So much so that he had some sort of Star Wars epiphany and decided to put together a list of things he noticed. Some of which actually relate to the game. Mostly, they read like the ramblings of a conspiracy theorist.

Even though it’s a purely cinematic look at the game, and a fantastic one at that, the fact that it's made entirely from in-game footage and assets makes it all the more impressive. This means there’s a lot of hidden stuff to be found throughout it's two minute run-time, stuff that may or may not pertain to the final product. Plenty of food for thought then, for the Star Wars fans out there. Which begs the question, what do Wookies eat?

Click here to read 10 Things We Learnt About Star Wars: Battlefront... From Watching the Trailer

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Posted 12:31pm 19/4/15
2 - I imagine there would be rebels with military training. I am not 100% sure but a lot of planets in the republic would have small defence forces/Security forces. Its possible some of those people would be in the Rebel Alliance. Do you really think that they would send un-trained farm boys to face storm troopers? People who are military / security veterans could train new recruits. I am also pretty sure the rebels did special forces-like groups too.

3 - The maps would probably have trees spaced out a bit and paths cleared for travel.

4 - An AT-AT is unlikely but possible in areas that are less dense. (You see one near a landing platform in RotJ)

5 - I don't think Vader cares about AT-ATs that much.

6 - If an X-Wing can have shields, Rebel Troopers can have portable shield generators. I don't think Gungans were the only ones to invent portable shield generators. Gungans powered their shields via some plasma slime if I remember correctly and it may be a different type of shield to that you would find in a fighter or a military portable one.

7- Yeah Tatooine is iconic and my favourite planet. I imagine they would set a map or 2 there in game.

8 - Hoth is my second favourite planet. Classic battle. Love it, can't wait to play that.

9 - I dislike Sullustans a lot.

10 - Pew pew pew
Posted 12:42pm 19/4/15
And the award to most intensely geeky post goes to....
Posted 12:53pm 19/4/15
I collected the entire star wars fact file that was in news agents every week like 12 years ago. I should read some of that again.
Posted 02:38pm 19/4/15
Hehe, thanks Blade. Needless to say I'm a pretty huge Star Wars nerd too, though this piece was more jokey than 100% accurate.

Having said that, I still think that the shield thing from the trailer wouldn't exist without the Gungan shields from Episode I. :)
Posted 12:35pm 20/4/15

I wonder how Air battles will go, Will they have X-wings and Tie fighters for ground battles like Battlefield has had with Choppers and Jets? Or will there be specific maps with space battles?
Posted 12:39pm 20/4/15
Can Tie Fighters even fly in atmosphere?

Edit: oh actually, I guess they can cos I just remembered theres clips in the trailer for the new movie where they're chasing the millenium falcon down on that desert planet.
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