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While we kontinue to kelebrate the release of the Xth Mortal Kombat game, proper, Nathan Lawrence chats with the NetherRealm brass to learn what it takes to kraft a narrative around an o(u)therworldly fighting game series.

From his interview:
For senior producer Adam Urbano, innovation is incredibly important in the fighting genre. “We like changing and exploring and trying new things because we innovate or die,” admitted Urbano, “especially with what we want to do in the fighting genre.” This was a comment in defence of what, for me, was an initially jarring inclusion of quick-time-ish events during certain cutscenes, a feature that’s new to the series.

Ubarno acknowledged the controversy during our interview. “It was very controversial in the beginning, but once Ed’s [Boon] vision was outlined and we got to play it, it turned out to be awesome. I don’t even like calling them quick-time events because of the connotation, but also they’re not. They’re sort of these interactive little story snippets where you have choice.”
Click here for our full Mortal Kombat X interview feature.

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