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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:48pm 16/04/15 | 12 Comments
Joaby is as massive a 'Souls fan as I know. He's good at it and he knows the ins and outs of the design principles of those games. He also makes fun of me because I drop the controller almost always less than 20-minutes into any of the experiences and throw my hands up in frustration. So he's reviewed the game for us in both written form and as a video review on his own YouTube channel.

Still, it's not exactly the same as the Dark or Demon's Souls games. There are differences -- and these differences are significant. Bloodborne pushes the pace of the action in a way the Souls games never did -- when you lose health in Bloodborne, the health bar stays full for a moment, and you have a brief opportunity to regain some (or all) of it by pressing the attack. If you don't attack inside 3ish seconds or if you get hit again you'll lose that health, and the best way to get it back will be via Blood Vials (there are other ways, but Blood Vials are the primary method).

This changes how you approach combat in the game. The risk/reward scenario is different -- health lost isn't gone for good, so taking damage isn't cause for concern. There are absolutely bosses where (provided you aren't staggered for too long) taking a hit to get in close to them is better than hanging back and waiting for an opportunity to strike that might not come.
That's just a slice of his in-depth and thoughtful review of a game that does nothing but destroy your soul (in my humble opinion).

Click here for our full Bloodborne written and video review.

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Posted 01:39pm 16/4/15
So embarrassed at those deaths. Also early on I talk about how I sometimes caught myself reverting to backing off when I should be attacking and then when I'm fighting the boss I do EXACTLY THAT.
Posted 01:43pm 16/4/15
A game that destroys souls! i thought i would just say hi to Joaby the man of steel who in the face of dreadful retribution had no qualms in giving games poor scores also 3/10.
Posted 01:52pm 16/4/15
The arguments I had with that guy afterwards were pretty entertaining though
Posted 03:39pm 16/4/15
i disagree regarding the weapons

yeah there are less weapons in bloodborne however they are all much more interesting as they have 2 forms and esentially 2 different move sets per weapon - some of them are melee/gun hybrids

the biggest thing is every weapon in the game is a viable weapon to use to play through the game, should you decide you want to use it

in dark souls 1 and especially dark souls 2 there SO MANY weapons in those games that were complete junk, no one ever used them. take for instance the range of long swords in those games there would be 5 or 6 different long swords but only 1 or 2 of them would be viable for use as they are categorically better in ever way (damage and move set) than the rest of the long swords in the range, the rest just got tossed away / run past / sold for souls as junk / left to clutter up your inventory.

also to be fair also if you played through dark souls 1 and wanted to upgrade more than 1 weapon you would have to farm for materials to do it, just like you can in BB

i personally welcome not having my inventory FULL of useless f*****g s*** like dark souls 2
Posted 03:43pm 16/4/15
I think we're just too early in Bloodborne's life cycle to know which weapons are utter garbage yet, not that every weapon is viable. The Saw Spear, for example, is a clear loser compared to the other two potential starting weapons.

It's only thanks to months of min-maxing that we have the deep knowledge of the range of weapons in Dark Souls 1 and 2 (although you could definitely tell that certain weapons were craptastic from the get go). When playing Dark Souls 2 at launch few could have guessed that two wooden clubs would at one point sit atop the pile as obviously the best option.

You're right about the farming in DS1. I hated it then as well. I just hate low percentage drop farming. It feels disrespectful of my time.
Posted 04:45pm 16/4/15
See i reckon the saw cleaver is 100% viable to use through the whole game, the attack speed is nice when it's closed up then you can deal more damage when it's open at the cost of speed, depends on the enemy you are against. It is a compromise between the other 2, the axe is pretty badass but it is quite slow

Even something like the stake driver will do enough damage to be viable

My bet is there won't be too many weapons that are out right garbage, they have all been thought out terribly well

You're right about the farming in DS1. I hated it then as well. I just hate low percentage drop farming. It feels disrespectful of my time.

i disliked how they gave out titanite slabs in dark souls 2 like it was candy, don't you remember how good it felt finding a titanite slab in dark souls 1

last edited by paveway at 16:09:56 16/Apr/15
Posted 05:37pm 16/4/15
It only felt good because you had to kill the same blood wraiths like 30 times to get one :P

I totally agree that the weapons they have are really well done, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the meta catches up and we see distinct winners and losers.

What's your favourite weapon atm anyway? Obviously I favour the Tonitrus, but it breaks super quickly.
Posted 06:08pm 16/4/15
Not as entertaining as reading the comments on GameArena after Diablo 3 got a well deserved 6.5/10.
Posted 06:37pm 16/4/15
i haven't used that many weapons, i started with the cleaver and have ended up with ludwig's holy sword which is a popular choice i have seen

But i have been watching epicnamebro's play through as well and he worked on the official guide for the game and has played a lot of hours of the game and he said that all the weapons are viable in the game, it will all come down to your play style

And just common sense tells me because they have made a conscious decision to make less weapons but put a lot of effort in to the weapons they did make makes me feel like their goal would be that each weapon is viable in it's own right

That all said i'd love to see what else they can come up with regarding weapons, maybe in some dlc content?

My next character is going to be a skill based build of some kind or maybe an arcane build which i still need to get my head around

Wouldn't mind trying the stake driver lol
Posted 05:07pm 17/4/15
i recorded this fight with martyr logarius to show some friends how much he was hurting my feels, he has been kicking my ass all afternoon. so this random run i decided to film it:

Posted 03:19pm 20/4/15
I fought the final boss and it dumped me straight into NG+, which ticked me off a fair amount because I hadn't been to Upper Cathedral Ward or Cainhurst to see that guy. He seems like an PITA. Good kill though, super close.
Posted 04:28pm 20/4/15
yeah i didn't mind how they gave you the choice on when to go to NG+ in Dark Souls 2, but i don't think that is miyazaki's way

you missed out on some stuff, i did upper cathedral ward yesterday. the boss isn't overly difficult but damn getting there was a pain in the ass, quite a few deaths
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