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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:48am 15/04/15 | 6 Comments
In celebration of this being Mortal Kombat X's release week, and ahead of our official review, we asked Nathan "Babality" Lawrence to take a look back at the 10 best Fatalities of the series. Videos included.

"We've come along way, baby."

That's what you really ought to say to yourself after looking back at the Fatalities of yesteryear in one of fighting games' best-loved series, against its current-day released in Mortal Kombat X. Visual fidelity might be the main differentiator here though, as the Fatalities have remained as brutal as ever, as Nate discovered in his 10 best Fatalities feature.

Click here for the bloody truth on gaming's most brutal series.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:01pm 16/4/15
Given that the article said they only picked a character once, why are there are two Sub-Zeros in the list?
Posted 12:15pm 16/4/15
Yeah, Sektor's fatality was definitely one of the best in MK9, my favourite though, the one that I'd always make sure to show someone who was new to the game, was Noob Saibots fatality where him and his clone each grab a leg and slowly tear the person in half.

Posted 12:35pm 16/4/15
Yeaaah, I've never had much time for people who get upset violence in games, but some of the fatalities in MK are not pushing the right buttons for me. It's the same with movies; I don't like torture porn.

I mean, that up there is some genuinely not appropriate for kids material, where the original Mortal Kombat was (I think even at the time) not graphic enough to upset anyone except the religious right.
Posted 12:42pm 16/4/15
The original MK upset a LOT of people, it prompted senate hearings about violence in videogames and the formation of the ESRB and development of a proper classification system for games.
Posted 03:33pm 16/4/15
Then I can only assume those groups would go apes*** about that video above :)
Posted 03:40pm 16/4/15
Yeah, I'm sure theres people who still will, but at least its regulated now. Its absolutely not appropriate for kids, I don't disagree there, but thats why its got an R18+ rating.

Maybe I'm desensitized, or maybe it doesn't bother me because it isn't 'real' people, but MK fatalities have never phased me, usually my first reaction is to laugh. Conversely though, I hate gory movies and I can't really watch movies like Saw or Hostel at all, but yeah, in a game like MK it has never bothered me.
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