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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:31pm 08/04/15 | 2 Comments
If you have the physical time to play an Infinity Engine-style RPG then you have more time than me. Which is why Kosta took on the review mantle for Pillars of Eternity, though it might have been a bad idea given he's now being fed through a tube, unable to move from his seated position playing the game.

From his review:
And by that token Pillars of Eternity is a success, but more importantly, it feels very much like an Infinity Engine game. And hey, that was the aim all along. And with the market today being as diverse and fractured as it is, a game like Pillars of Eternity doesn’t need to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. It provides a thoughtful and detailed world in which to build a character and embark on a sprawling high-fantasy quest to uncover an ancient truth that could alter the fate of numerous nations and the entire world. Albeit, an ancient truth running at a much higher resolution than ever before. And one with the foresight to include the option to alter the game speed, giving people the ability to basically fast-forward through boring stuff. Like long walks from one side of the map to the other.
Click here for our full Pillars of Eternity review.

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Posted 05:21pm 08/4/15
Silly Kosta, Barbarians aren't tanks, they are damage dealers. Duel-weapon interrupting, frenzied psychopaths seem to be one of the best combos for Barbarians. Others are going for heavily armored, twohanded heavy hitters that cleave through enemies whilst off-tanking.

Something you didn't point out is that each Class in pillars have the potential to be built in different ways. Also no character class is locked in/out of using any weapon/armour. You can have a two handed sword, platemail mage that gets up close and personal, beating back enemies with sword and board and using her magic as a compliment to that.

The only issue I have with combat is that sometimes when bright flashy effects are going off it can be hard to tell who is who in the battle. I equip each of my characters with different helmets to try and distinguish them amongst the metal clad figures, but it can still sometimes be hard. It's the only time I try to rotate the camera to get a better look (seriously, I've done that about 20 times forgetting it's locked isometric).
Posted 12:30pm 09/4/15
Hehe, yeah I do love frenzy but for the most part I used the barb as a tank. Good points on the class variety stuff too as the armour type you use only really has a penalty to recovery which is a cool idea.

Yeah I get the gripe with things getting a little too chaotic, especially when there's a bunch of spells going off at the same time. Sometimes when pausing you cant really tell where some of your party is standing.
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