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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:00pm 27/03/15 | 7 Comments
Enemy Territory and Brink fans rejoice, Dirty Bomb continues to hit milestones and elevate Splash Damage's reputation as a team-based multiplayer specialist, writes Nathan "NachosJustice" Lawrence.

From Nachos' most recent hands-on with the latest build of the game:
Dirty Bomb will kick your arse before it lets you kick others. The learning curve is about as shallow as a casual hike up Mount Everest and, refreshingly, no-one is apologising about this. Not the representative from publisher Nexon who rushed through his presentation so we, and he, could play the game. Certainly not developer Splash Damage, which unapologetically reinforced that this is a game best enjoyed by fans of fast-paced competitive shooters, and if you’re a fan of older titles such as Enemy Territory, that’s a bonus.
Click here for our Dirty Bomb all-new hands-on preview. And stay tuned for more coverage from the event.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:32pm 27/3/15
is there aussie servers? I played the alpha and beta and the lag was unberable
Posted 01:56pm 27/3/15
Nope, played it for 30 minutes. Seems good but with no Aussie servers give it a wide birth for now.
Posted 02:00pm 27/3/15
I was playing just before with a 20 ping, felt good
Posted 03:27pm 27/3/15
There were aussie servers in the alpha/beta. But they werent heavily populated at all times. And there were only 2.
Posted 03:30pm 27/3/15
I just had a look at the beta server list, and there's a bunch of Aussie servers. A few were full, but I was playing with less than 20 ping.
Posted 12:17pm 28/3/15
717 people currently in game :S
Posted 12:25pm 28/3/15
so thanks to that title, every single one of us is now on the governments watch list thanks to the new metadata retention laws.

thanks obama
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