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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:19pm 25/03/15 | 5 Comments
Called Jaws of Hakkon, the first story-driven DLC expansion for Dragon Age: Inquisition is out today for Xbox and Windows PC. Promising new story content and a new area to explore, players will get to "discover the fate of the last Inquisitor and the powerful dragon he hunted."

As for the price, Jaws of Hakkon is available via the Xbox Marketplace for $19.95 and strangely $24.99 via EA's Origin service. As for the amount of content in this expansion, that remains unclear but judging by the launch trailer below, Jaws of Hakkon is very much Dragon Age. And there's nothing wrong with that. No word yet on when this content is expected to hit the PS4.

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Posted 03:24pm 25/3/15
Is it just me, or is the price of DLC going up =\

Have to wait and see how much content is actually included in it before I go dropping $20, I mean I only paid $60 for the entire original game so you'd want a pretty significant chunk of content for another $20.
Posted 03:39pm 25/3/15
according to the internet, it's not worth the price.
Posted 03:50pm 25/3/15
Holy s*** at that price. Is it even close to what an expansion would offer?

I really need to get back to this game and finish it, have like 40 hours but barely touched the story. Far too many fetch side quests that I should probably just ignore.
Posted 04:19pm 25/3/15
So you can only buy this through Origin? No cheap Russian site versions?

I won't be rushing out to buy this either way, would be interested in an expansion but DLC is usually not worth the time or money.
Posted 05:30pm 25/3/15
This game is f*****g massive why would anyone want to play an expansion...
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