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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:37pm 19/03/15 | 17 Comments
Okay so you've probably figured out that there's no such game as Reader Edition, which also means that there's also no Throwback this week. But! That means we are, err, throwing it out to you the reader, to pick the subject of next weeks entry.

The criteria is pretty simple, pick a game that's at least a few years old and I'll track down a copy, play it, write about it, and record some video to boot. And hey, if there are enough suggestions it could turn into a sort of Throwback Megamix. Like the ones they used to release on CD and Cassette Tape.

So let us know what game you want covered. Also feel free to nominate something obscure, weird, or even unknown. Speaking of weird, check out this Japanese commercial for Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64.

throwback thursday

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Posted 04:46pm 19/3/15
Posted 09:16pm 19/3/15
Rapelay - I dare you
Posted 09:22pm 19/3/15
UFO:Enemy Unknown.

System Shock 1.

Die By The Sword. <---- This one do it. If you have never played it you missed out on some great nutty fun.

Crusader: No Remorse

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Posted 09:34pm 19/3/15
Demon Souls :)
Posted 09:44pm 19/3/15
Thief: The Dark Project
Posted 11:12pm 19/3/15
Great suggestions... apart from DoCZero's of course... haha... no chance on that one
Posted 10:11am 20/3/15
Haha demmit.. Well Okay, how about shadowrun, megadrive vers. Or shadow of the beast, or Hi-octane on pc?
Posted 11:15am 20/3/15
Die By The Sword. <---- This one do it. If you have never played it you missed out on some great nutty fun.

Yeah get on it. Great game.
Posted 11:20am 20/3/15
Under a Killing Moon, classic Tex Murphy goodness.

Actually, could do the fmv adventure game era as a whole. Tex Murphy games, Gabriel Knight, Phantasmagoria, Hell, Noctropolis, 7th Guest, 11th Hour, FMV was all the rage there for a while in adventure games.
Posted 11:31am 20/3/15
Snatcher please:

Can you do a Lets Play somethingawful style?
Posted 02:15pm 20/3/15
Die by the Sword FTW!
Posted 02:55pm 20/3/15
die by the sword it is! realistic sword arm controls without the need for waggle sticks or kinectoids

also text murphy and snatcher to follow

so many great suggestions... thanks
Posted 05:42pm 20/3/15
The Ninja
Posted 08:02pm 20/3/15
Lost Secret of the Rainforest.
Posted 08:08pm 20/3/15
Dragon's Fury - Sega Megadrive (use emulator and rom)
Body Harvest - N64
Good old Command & Conquer and/or Red alert
Perfect Dark
Sierra Trophy Bass
Soldier of Fortune

Edit - Werewolf vs Comanche 2.0

There are a few suggestions for you.
Posted 08:14pm 20/3/15
F-19 Stealth Fighter!!!!
Posted 09:14pm 20/3/15
Snatcher looks interesting just because hideo, f*****g genius that man.
I would have suggested snake eater but the choice has been made.
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