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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:52pm 06/03/15 | 14 Comments
In a move made to both fuel the anticipation for, as well as prove its commitment to, bringing a number of SteamOS powered Steam Machines to the market, Valve has created a new 'Steam of the Future' styled hub called the Steam Universe. Highlighting all the different hardware coming soon to Steam, the Steam Universe also includes a number of store pages for a number of different Steam Machines, all due for release this November.

So, by the end of this year Steam as we all know it is going to look a little different. And by different, we mean a Weird Science level of difference. Instead of existing as an icon depicting a mechanical steam thingy that launches a piece of software that stores and runs all your games, Steam is going to enter the world of the physical and virtual.

Brace yourselves.

Steam Comes to Life 01 - The Steam Controller

Sure it may look weird and go against the industry wide trend of dual-analogue-sticks-plus-buttons-and-triggers design that every other controller manufacturer has adopted over the past decade. But, the Steam Controller is finally going to see the light of day. After being announced what feels like a million years ago. And being an integral part of Valve's plans for Steam, there's a lot riding on this controller. So, fingers crossed it works.

Steam Comes to Life 02 - Steam Link

This one is self-explanatory, a little hardware doo-dad that connects to your TV and network that can stream Steam content.

Steam Comes to Life 03 - Steam Machines

The big one, dedicated all-in-one Steam Machines running SteamOS from a number of different hardware manufacturers coming this November. With prices ranging from US$499.00 to US$4,999.00 there's definitely no shortage of choice. Now, you're probably asking yourself what exactly a five grand Steam Machine is made of. The answer is an unnecessarily extravagant 8 Terabytes of SSD storage.

Steam Comes to Life 04 - SteamVR

Not to feel left out of the 'giant feedbag for the eyes' piece of kit also known as VR eye wear, Valve will be releasing the HTC Vive. Which is the Steam version of VR, dubbed SteamVR. Because you can never have too many VR options.

Steam Comes to Life 05 - Actual Steam

With all this talk about Valve and Steam hardware why not make yourself a coffee or tea and check out the Steam Universe hub

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:17pm 06/3/15
Did you get eorls job, kosta?

The steam machine's are pretty much what you'd expect. Do you have anyone over at gdc? If you do, have they tried that controller?

And a nitpick, everyone call's it the vive. Am i the only one that call's it the REvive?
Posted 08:26pm 07/3/15
freebies required eh...

I'd love to have one... though it's be wasted on me as we spruke console tech at work via our relationship with a Sony partner.

Valve needs to select people carefully who will spruke this tech instead of the old formumlae of offering free expensive tech to people who do not understand it and fail to convince their staff of it's benefit to consumers
Posted 09:28pm 07/3/15
That controller looks terrible.
Posted 10:31pm 07/3/15
Yeah, that controller looks a bit retarded. Face buttons look like they're in an awkward spot, and the dpad touchpad thing seems like it'd be s*** to use. Most controllers are going the opposite ways with their dpads in recent years and having more clearly defined dpads instead of a mushy vague 8-way disc thing.

Don't think Steam is gonna change much for me, it'll still just be an online platform I can use to buy, download and play games on my PC. Most of those bits of hardware I think I can safely ignore. The only one potentially of some interest is that streaming box, but I dunno, I think even the little bit of latency introduced would annoy the s*** out of me. Might be good for slower paced games, but I think it'd be annoying for anything fast paced.
Reverend Evil
Posted 02:03pm 08/3/15
I'd be interested to see how that controller werks for fighting games. It looks like it might be easier to pull off half / quarter circle moves with it.
Posted 02:35pm 08/3/15
I just don't get how it will map to games obviously designed with dual-analogue control schemes.

How will it work with stick 1 = move, stick 2 = camera?
Reverend Evil
Posted 04:34pm 08/3/15
That pad on the right would prolly act as the second stick?
Posted 05:47pm 08/3/15
Yeh and be terrible at it.
Posted 06:31pm 08/3/15
eh, i like the look of the controller. it's very customizable which a lot of people seem to be overlooking.
Posted 06:33pm 08/3/15
I also think it looks good. Hoggy you haven't used it so shut yo face.
Posted 10:18pm 10/3/15
The controller is the only thing about it that interests me. Controllers are the worst part of consoles imo. Touch pads + fighter games = ??? hmmm.
Posted 11:57pm 10/3/15
Touch pads for fighting games sounds disgustingly bad. That's one type of game more than any other where you definitely want the precision of a stick or dpad with discrete directions, not a vague mushy pad.
Posted 08:37am 11/3/15
I'm interested in seeing how FPS goes on this controller.
Posted 01:30pm 11/3/15
This sounds cool too:

With a satisfying digital click at the end of the trigger pull, dual-stage triggers can be used as analog, digital, or both types of input at the same time. Put your iron-sights on the sweep-in, and then fire with the reliable feel of a tactile switch, all on the same trigger.
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