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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:01pm 03/03/15 | 3 Comments
Lords of the Fallen falls for new content with the Ancient Labyrinth DLC as announced by CI Games, coming March 4th.

Ancient Labyrinth incorporates an all-new storyline set in a long-forgotten library that exists somewhere between the human and demonic realms. With the DLC, players can explore the uncharted wilds of the Labyrinth, discover hidden secrets, and fight never-before-seen enemies with new weapons, shields, and armour, all in the name of destroying the evil that has shattered civilization. Players can expect the same challenging gameplay as fan-favourite Lords of the Fallen, but with more rewards for playing through multiple times and exploring every dark corner of the Ancient Labyrinth.
The popular RPG will gain this new content for Steam, Xbox One and PS4 this March 4th. So, you know, tomorrow.

Watch the trailer embedded below.

lords of the fallennew trailerps4steamxbox onedlc

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Posted 02:08pm 03/3/15
Oh, Kosta .... :(

This is your life now that Eorl is gone, isn't it? Posting this sort of thing, DLC press releases for 'popular' games ...

Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:33pm 03/3/15
Heh Hoggy :)

This was K's practice post and he's just jumped in to help me out here and there now that Eorl is a dirty, stinking cop.

Expect his news to flavour things up a bit moving forward though - it's in his blood and he can't not be funny.
Posted 02:39pm 03/3/15
Hehe, yeah this was a practice run with Steve holding onto me whilst I removed the training wheels and started peddling. And right after that he taught me how to make pottery like that scene in Ghost. I was Demi Moore.
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