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The MOBA genre is ever-growing, and today's addition is one that will surely bring out a gleeful cheer from any Games Workshop fans: Dark Nexus Arena, a Warhammer 40k-inspired MOBA in-development by Whitebox Interactive.

Details on what exactly we can expect are still light, though the official website does show a glimpse at three "Veterans" that the player will choose to control. So far the confirmed are; Ork Stormboys, Space Marine Assault Terminators and Tau Empire Fire Warriors, each with a variety of different moves.

What does seem apparent is that the veteran makeup of skills is almost a direct liking to Dota 2's, with included passives, three normal abilities and an ultimate to deal devastating effects. For you lore fans the game will be set in the Dark Eldar homeworld of Commorragh.

Early access is expected to go live some in Q2 of 2015, however limited edition game bundles are being offered for those who aren't quite of the waiting variety. They range from $25 for basic early access through to $250 for a "Flesh-Sculptor" pack that is sure to woo the ladies. Find out more through the official site or checking out the trailer below.

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Posted 05:01pm 26/2/15
It's WW2 games all over again.

O wait!

WW2 Zombie MOBA, you can't lose!
Posted 05:04pm 26/2/15
Quick Toll get onto making it!
Posted 05:06pm 26/2/15
I'll pitch the idea to EA, and include microtransactions where players can buy different coloured blood.
Posted 05:35pm 26/2/15
I'll pitch the idea to EA, and include microtransactions where players can buy different coloured blood.
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