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DLC has become a staple in today's gaming world, so when a developer actively seeks to not offer any its typically celebrated among gamers. Today, Pillars of Eternity's lead developer Josh Sawyer expressed exactly that when it comes to DLC for the game, preferring to keep it old-school.

In an interview with GameWatcher (via Games.On.Net), Sawyer was asked as to whether the team would be heading down the "DLC pack route", which his response was “No, we want to do a traditional expansion, and we’re in the early stages of planning for that right now.”

“Part of the Kickstarter campaign was a full expansion, so we’re definitely doing a Tales of the Sword Coast style campaign. We’re still in the early stages of design for that right now, though.”

Sawyer also revealed that the team is hoping to push typical gameplay tweaks and changes that are featured in an expansion out for free to the base game, in order for players not to have to pay for them.

“I would like to see any gameplay tweaks and changes we make in an expansion get rolled into a free patch,” said Sawyer. “If you don’t want to buy an expansion, you get all the same gameplay benefits without the extra story.”

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