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Local indie developer Stegabyte has sent over word that their amazing 4D puzzler Under the Sun is now available for free on iOS, with an Android version expected to launch sometime soon after.

In Under the Sun you are tasked with reaching the campfire before nightfall. Simple enough task, however the tricky part is in time itself: you only have a set amount of moves before nightfall. Moving along block by block counts as one "turn" of time, meaning you don't want to waste a block move just to see what happens.

While moving forward in time, you'll also notice that the level itself changes. Trees grow, bridges rot and creatures move, all changing the layout of the level as you move through it.

The other unique feature about Under the Sun is that it isn't just going forward in time that players take part in, but also going backwards. With a simple cog wheel to the side of the screen, players can unwind back their steps, figuring out just where they went wrong. This opens up the ability to retrace your steps and correct your mistakes, but also run the wheel forward to see what changes due to the time mechanic.

Under the Sun offers an extremely unique take on the square-by-square puzzle genre. While you are mindful of your steps needed to complete the game, you also have to keep an eye on the environment shifting around you, changing how your current approach is to finding that campfire. Difficulty ramps up as you get further into the game, and the developers have stated that more unique locations are in the works that will bring about new mechanics. These can include snow-based levels that may freeze certain parts of the level, rising tides and even shifting land masses.

You can grab yourself a copy of the game over here, with an optional purchase available to remove those pesky ads.

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