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Kickstarter has been a host to a variety of MMO campaigns in the past, such as Star Citizen, Shroud of the Avatar, Elite: Dangerous and Camelot Unchained, though none have yet seen a full release with most still in-development. Today Crowfall joins that group, and promises quite a lot for its lofty $800,000 goal.

One of the key differences for Crowfall is that the game will focus on procedurally-generated worlds that eventually die over time, according to developer ArtCraft Entertainment. Once they have ceased to exist a new world will be made, though luckily your characters don't and will instead carry over to this new world. It sounds interesting, but the big question is can it be done?

Crowfall will also have a PvP-dominant focus, though PvE will play a part in the form of crafting, dungeons and even structure building (which will luckily be the only "permanent" factor in the game). Building your character will be like many other MMO's out there, though Crowfall is opting for user-selected advantages and disadvantages in their chosen archetype. Character skills are also levelled by actually using said skills, though some can be increased passively ala EVE: Online.

Thanks to the integration of Voxel Farm technology, Crowfall will also allow players to use destruction as a form of attack, penetrating walls and even comboing skills to weaken structures for player attacks.

ArtCraft Entertainment is the creation of J Todd Coleman - who worked on Shadowbane - and former co-studio director at BioWare Austin, Gordon Walton. Walton most recently oversaw Star Wars: The Old Republic. He also worked on Ultima Online, among a number of other popular MMO titles.

For far more on the game, including the various reward tiers available, make sure to check out the Kickstarter page and/or the pitch video below. Crowfall is definitely sounding ambitious, but the bigger question is will it actually eventuate to anything?


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Posted 08:47pm 25/2/15
I don't understand...this sounds terrible. I don't understand how they couldn't address the issue of strategy vs persistent MMO. Why does the world need to die?
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