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Post by Eorl @ 10:20am 24/02/15 | 9 Comments
Valve has today announced its plans for next week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, noting that it will be showing off a family of new Steam devices alongside the final Steam Controller, plus an assortment of new living room devices and a previously-unannounced SteamVR hardware system.

Valve's own virtual reality has been shrouded in mystery for awhile now, but in June of last year we got a glimpse at the headset thanks to a showing in Boston. According to a Reddit recount of the event, the headset consisted of "dual vertical S4 (OLED) screens, running a total of 2160x1280," though we aren't sure if that has been revised but time will tell.

Of course, Valve isn't the only one at GDC that will be showing virtual reality gear, with Oculus, Sony and most likely Samsung all heading to the event to show off their respective hardware. One thing is for sure, virtual reality is definitely becoming a true reality.

GDC will also mark the 13th anniversary of Valve's first public announcement of Steam, which has now grown to over 4500 games, 400 million user-generated content and 125 million active accounts. That is definitely one milestone to celebrate, and hopefully we may get a hint at the elusive Half Life 3.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:54am 24/2/15
Wait, didn't they fire their VR team years ago?
Posted 12:41pm 24/2/15
nope, that was the AR team.
Posted 01:06pm 24/2/15
HL3 or GTFO Valve.
Posted 02:09pm 24/2/15
HL 3 will be released at the same time as steam console = HLF3 Confirm
Posted 02:43pm 24/2/15
the headset consisted of "dual vertical S4 (OLED) screens, running a total of 2160x1280," though we aren't sure if that has been revised but time will tell.

'total' wordage here is weird. Are both eyes 2160?
Posted 08:14pm 24/2/15
Seems unambiguous to me: 1080 horizontal each eye, 1280 vertical each eye. It's two 1280x1080 panels turned on their sides.
Posted 08:26pm 24/2/15
All this tech is great, now people need to start doing worthwhile things with it before it becomes the next gimmick like motion controllers.
Posted 09:29pm 24/2/15
aren't we already in VR?
Posted 10:25pm 24/2/15
I already am, unfortunate news for you all. You are simple AI programs for my virtual reality system. I need to format soon, sorry.
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