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Visceral Games has already revealed that over 7 million gamers jumped into Battlefield: Hardline, and today we've got a more extensive infrographic detailing just what players got up to during the game's recent beta.

According to the stats $2.8 billion was stolen during the beta's Heist game mode, on map Bank Job, with 3.8 million vaults busted. Apparently that would be enough to buy two fighter jets, or give everyone in the world a quarter (0.25c). Tough choice there.

For the Hotwire mode Visceral saw 38 million cars stolen, with 21 million takedowns as well. That would mean 17 million cars were able to make a clean getaway, or a win ratio of 57% by the cops.

Class breakdowns saw the majority of users (55%) playing Operator, followed by Mechanic (21%), Professional (18%) and Enforcer (6%). Total cash earned was a whopping $527 billion, and seven players were able to grab the 150 rank during beta.

Battlefield: Hardline is heading to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 come March 19th.

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