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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:31pm 19/02/15 | 4 Comments
Throwback Thursday is finally back, with this week's entry kicking off the unique and creative list of games the N64 managed to produce from developers, especially Rare - Blast Corps.

From this week's Throwback:
So how does it stack up today? Pretty good for the most part. It’s important to note that at the time of Blast Corps release, having realistic physics in a 3D game just wasn’t possible. As the majority of Blast Corps is spent replaying stages to unlock new vehicles, find secrets, destroy all objects, and generally have fun within each stage’s sandbox setting, the lack of any realistic physics are only glaring in hindsight. And their omission only highlights some of the specific and weirdly punishing controls of certain vehicles. Specifically the dump truck, ie Backlash. Oh Backlash, why must you be the way that you be?
Click here for Throwback Thursday - Blast Corps.

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Posted 04:21pm 19/2/15
I loved that game. Wish there was an updated Virtual Console or Xbox Arcade version.
Posted 05:17pm 19/2/15
This game rocked
Posted 06:56pm 19/2/15
this game was excellent. 100% the bastard, did all the planets 1st go!
Posted 09:22am 20/2/15
Fond memories of this one... was epic back in the day
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