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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:37pm 18/02/15 | 5 Comments
Bethesda is promising we'll see a bigger trailer soon, but in the meantime they've offered up this scary little teaser for The Evil Within's first official add-on titled The Assignment, coming this March. It looks like there's a new monster in town, too.

We've reached out to Bethesda ahead of the new content's release for more, and no doubt we'll see some new stuff in the forthcoming full trailer, but if this teaser is telling us what I think it is, and that's that this new beastie can't be hid from, we might have an even more anxiety-inducing expanded TEW experience on our hands.

Hopefully the new content adds more than just a couple of hours of game time and follows the Bethesda tradition of playing more like old-school expansions (see Fallout and The Elder Scrolls for examples).

Watch the new teaser embedded below, and stay tuned for more from us on The Assignment.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:41pm 18/2/15
that reminds me i have to try and get this buggy POS running again
Posted 08:26pm 18/2/15
One of my most disappointing games of last year, had really high expectations but it just felt so rehashed and been-there-done-that. I didn't even find it all that scary, and I'm usually a huge pussy when it comes to scary games. I only played up to about chapter 4 though, maybe it got better later on
Posted 08:51pm 18/2/15
didnt ausgamers give this like a 10?
Posted 11:37pm 18/2/15
that reminds me i have to try and get this buggy POS running again

Played an unpatched version and didn't run into a single bug. Great game.
Posted 11:04am 19/2/15
Back in the original Resident Evil games, the quirky japanese-ness of it was an endearing novelty. These days though the plastic looking characters with wooden personalities and awful dialogue (with the emphasis in all the wrong places), delivered by some voice actor who doesn't really know what hes saying and just phoned it in for a paycheque; its just not enough. Its just annoying and makes the whole thing feel cheap and tacky and I expected a lot more.

As for scary, its like it barely even bothered, with its tired old "Corpse that looks like its dead and jumps up to attack you when you get close" cliches, or big guys with chainsaws that bust out of barns to come chase you. RE4 was great, but the dude has obviously run out of ideas.
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