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Post by Eorl @ 04:55pm 17/02/15 | 1 Comments
Australian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Vox Eminor has seen success in the qualifiers for upcoming eSports comp ESL One Katowice, meaning the team will now be heading to the main event in March.

The eSports field isn't exactly a new phenomenon, however Australia's part in the ever-growing community hasn't exactly been well known. That seems to be changing for the good though, with developers like Hi-Rez Studios, Valve and Riot Games offering Australian gamers the chance to make it big in the digital sporting field.

For Vox Eminor, their placing match saw them pitted against Finnish team 3DMAX - a competitor known to the local team from last year's EMS One Katowice - coming out on the winning side 16 to 11. Once that match was over they went against Danish team Dignitas in three rounds on de_inferno, winning that one 16 to 13.
We have to go home and talk about what the best plan is, but the most likely thing is that we are just going to play as much Counter-Strike as possible. What we managed in two weeks was pretty good, if we can turn that into the next four weeks and do the same thing, we can come back and maybe surprise some teams.
Taking place on March 12th to 15th, ESL One Katowice 2015 is definitely going to be one eSports event you'll want to catch now that we've got a home team to cheer for. You can catch the first part of Vox against 3DMAX below.

Source: Games.on.net

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Posted 05:00pm 17/2/15
Dignitas is considered a tier 2 team that occasionally gives the tier 1 teams a run for their money. So for Vox Eminor to beat Dignitas and also 3DMax, that is a good run.

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