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Post by Eorl @ 09:50am 17/02/15 | 4 Comments
The MOBA train continues to chug along without much thought to stopping, with Valve's free-to-play title Dota 2 surpassing 1 million concurrent players over the weekend just gone, an impressive milestone for any game.

VG247New Bloom Festival. According to the page the "Year Beast Brawl is like a normal match of All-Pick Dota, except that each team now has a powerful helper: their very own Year Beast."

To put the numbers into perspective, Steam has previously recorded a concurrent playerbase of 8 million. We know that Dota 2 is by far the most popular game on Steam, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coming in at second place, but 1 million is just a crazy number. Not as crazy as say League of Legends though, which Riot has previously pointed to a player record of 7.5 million.

Are you one of the million players who joined into a match over the weekend? Whose your favourite pick? Let us know in the comments!

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:15am 17/2/15
A MOBA has more than a million players online over Valentine's Day weekend.

Do I have to draw a diagram?
Posted 10:20am 17/2/15
So do you think this is why pc sales are up? All these people playing moba games. Nvidia made a bucket load last financial in gpu sales.
i remember last year alot of media outlets saying the pc is dying wtf
Posted 10:55am 17/2/15
Punch me in the face but I wouldn't mind a console moba.

The control scheme in D3 works pretty well. Could be fun!

Edit: Also Valve are cheating a bit here. The new custom game mode is only available to play for brief moments at a time (ie you can only queue for it in small 10 minute windows). This no doubt creates some very spiky player numbers..
Sir Redhat
Posted 02:21pm 18/2/15
Punch me in the face but I wouldn't mind a console moba.

The control scheme in D3 works pretty well. Could be fun!


I played a few games and got the arcana for crystal maiden because she's a cutie.
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