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Post by Eorl @ 04:45pm 13/02/15 | 8 Comments
Paradox and developer Colossal Order have released a new trailer today to celebrate being one month out from launching its upcoming city simulator Cities: Skyline, which for some may be the answer to their problems with EA's SimCity.

Featuring some quite extensive tools (overpasses!) that will let you create an actual city-sized development, Cities: Skylines looks to be shaping into a functional simulator. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be wary, with the likes of SimCity and Cities XXL (which has nothing to do with this game), but so far its looking a lot better.

Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments your thoughts. Cities: Skylines will be available come March 10th on PC through Steam or the Paradox store.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:55pm 13/2/15
Fingers crossed on this one. Surely someone can get a city building sim right... surely!
Posted 05:23pm 13/2/15
Looks good. Will have to see how it goes when it is released. lol at the plane landing, not much clearance near those trees.
Posted 05:45pm 13/2/15
Looks great. I'll wait patiently.
Posted 05:57pm 14/2/15
I waited a good ~two years for the Simcity devs to fix their s*** (...and for the price to drop)... price didn't drop, and the game was still just horrible. F*** EA
Posted 08:53pm 14/2/15
You know what'd be great? If you could build an entire city and be like an overlord etc, but then have the ability to jump into any person on the ground and run around like you can in the sims.

so you could build a giant city with two rival families, then jump into one family and make them do s*** to the other family, then jump back into world mode and watch the chaos ensue.
Posted 06:04pm 15/2/15
you sick, twisted also find that joyous.
Posted 09:07pm 16/2/15
I miss Sim Copter
Posted 11:15pm 16/2/15
this actually looks alright, but I still wont pre order
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