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Third quarter financial earnings have appeared for publisher Ubisoft, revealing that during the 2014-15 period the company saw a 50 percent increase on year-over-year sales, thanks in part to big franchises like Assassin's Creed and Far Cry.

GameInformer has the numbers, revealing that Assassin's Creed: Rogue and the buggy Assassin's Creed: Unity totaled 10 million combined shipped sales, a reasonable number considering the fanfare on Unity. Far Cry 4 had shipped an impressive total of 7 million units by itself, with The Crew shipping 2 million copies, putting it as number one on the racing charts of 2014's holiday timeframe.

Ubisoft didn't stop boasting though, with Watch Dogs now ticking up to 10 million copies shipped since its May 2014 release, a staggering amount that has labelled it the second largest new IP within the US. For you dancing folks Just Dance saw a nice 4 million units shipped, showing people still want to dance in front of the TV awkwardly.

Revenue numbers are €809.7 million ($916 million), up from €519.7 million ($587.9 million). Previous projections had put the sales at €730 million ($825.8 million). For digital sales the company saw a rise of 157 percent for the quarter, representing 21.2 percent of the publisher's total sales.

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