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Post by Eorl @ 10:22am 06/02/15 | 16 Comments
Haven't had the chance to check out Blizzard's newest team brawler, Heroes of the Storm? Well today is your lucky day as we have a stack of closed beta keys to give out for those wanting to scratch that itchy competitive scratch, all thanks to Blizzard Australia.

Having only just moved from its Technical Alpha to Closed Beta, Heroes of the Storm will pit your favourite Blizzard characters against each other across ever-changing environments as you attempt to bring your team together and become the Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes represents more than 20 years of Blizzard gaming history, settings, and iconic characters, all mashed up into an epic, off-the-wall team brawler. Fight out classic showdowns such as Tyrael vs. Diablo and Arthas vs. Uther, or settle those late-night debates you’ve had about who’s the stronger leader—Raynor or Thrall? Could Zeratul take down Illidan in a fight? Who’s more badass: Kerrigan or the Demon Hunter from Diablo III? The combinations of Blizzard heroes and universes are endless.
To nab yourself a key, simply head over to the promotional page and make sure you are signed into your AusGamers account and have downloaded at least 10 files from our download section. Once that's done just insert an email and you'll have a key in no time, ready to activate on Blizzard's service.

For more info on the game make sure to check out the official website, and of course as a reminder these keys are only valid to the ANZ region, sorry overseas folks!

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:05pm 06/2/15
HI All

I joined here and now watched 2 videos but I still not eligible for a beta key

What gives?
Posted 01:14pm 06/2/15
Literally 0 f**** are given about this P2WIN game now I reckon, just give the randoms the keys IMNSHO
Posted 01:46pm 06/2/15
Cardz, should be working now.
Posted 02:01pm 06/2/15
Hoggy - how is it pay to win?

The skins and s*** are completely overpriced but... pay to win?

Haven't given them a cent and they've given me hours of entertainment.
Posted 02:15pm 06/2/15
Because you have to grind or pay to unlock heroes. The more expensive heroes are the better ones generally. Compare Raynor to Thrall...

If you have access to a wider array of heroes than your opponents then you will tend to win more, especially if you play as part of an organised team, your composition options and wombo combos will be better. Heroes are ridiculously expensive.

You also have to grind to unlock in game skills, the lack of which can be critical as you won't have a CHOICE of ultimate and your opponent will. Do you have to do this if you buy heros btw?

Pay2Win was intentionally a strong term, but a brand new player, a new player who throws down $, and a player who has been grinding for a while are NOT on an equal footing. This is imo wrong for a team based competitive game.

Its a bunch of these things coming together that just turn me off the game, and I played a fair bit since alpha. If you had an option (a la SMITE) to pay a box price and unlock all content I'd shut the f*** up but you don't. I just don't LIKE the delight with which Blizzard has embraced this model as a very long term fanboy of theirs. Its a bad smell.
Posted 02:35pm 06/2/15
Fair calls re: box price/full unlock - I'd much prefer to fork over $40 and just unlock everything. I've got $40 worth of entertainment out of the game as is.

I personally don't care so much about the in game grind for skills. As far as I see it players wouldn't really want to be trying for team comps in those first 4-5 games as a hero?

Don't really think there is much of a difference with the more expensive and cheaper heroes. Mechanics of the more expensive heroes do seem to be more interesting, though..

Anyway fair enough on saying intentionally strong term but yeah - at the end of the day I am getting entertainment for free.

Posted 02:53pm 06/2/15
Yeh all good man just one pig's opinion.

I've gotten a lot of fun playing other (imo) pay2win titles like PlanetSide and a few others. I think it works a bit better in larger games like that or co-op games than tight, competitive matches with small teams. I find it is especially grating in a MOBA, probably because hero unlocks really matter due to the inherent class counter mechanics and synergies.

Like right now, Zeratul is on rotation and being an invis ganking hero you could be pretty sure he'll be in lots of games right now - if you and your team have access to lots of heroes via $ you have an advantage in being able to pick strong counters to common rotation picks as well as being able to complement those counterpicks with complementary heroes so that even if there is no Zeratul in the match you have a strong lineup anyway ... There is legitimately an advantage for paying money.

Oh I don't discount the entertainment for free bit either, but I think that pay2win games (and again, hots is a mild one) need to look at ways to make the asymmetric nature of paid and unpaid players fairer, possibly by making it explicit in design somehow.

Just an idea: I'd love to play a game where the free players were the monsters (basically fodder: weak, numerous, no real advancement? Maybe spawn as a boss after X player caps?) and the paid players were the heroes - individually much stronger, advancement and leveling etc.
Posted 04:30pm 06/2/15
We've noticed a fair few keys are being claimed by duplicate emails/spoof emails so we are changing the requirements for gaining a key just to actually offer some chance for legitimate users.
Posted 04:33pm 06/2/15
Haha really

Posted 05:16pm 06/2/15
Heroes of the Storm is a game I really want to like, but I dunno, I just couldn't get into it when I played it. Granted I only had a few games, and it was pretty early in the Alpha so a lot might have changed, but it was like hoggy said, the grind to unlock abilities kinda put me off. I'll probably give it another bash when it releases, but yeah, I dunno. The blizzard fanboy in me really wants to like it, but I might just stick to WoW :p
Posted 05:45pm 06/2/15
We've noticed a fair few keys are being claimed by duplicate emails/spoof emails so we are changing the requirements for gaining a key just to actually offer some chance for legitimate users.

No wonder, its on Ozbargain
Posted 06:00pm 06/2/15

No wonder, its on Ozbargain

Yeah that would do it. I've also noticed a few keys going on eBay as well.
Posted 09:57am 09/2/15
how is this game pay 2 win?
Posted 01:15pm 09/2/15
I've been having a good time on Tyrande and Nova recently. For a support, you can really dish the damage with Ty. I don't mind a bash every now and then but still find it ridiculously arcadey compared to doto. Most games feel very similar to the last one compared to dtoes imo, way less variation. The shorter games are definitely a plus though. You lose and get over it far quicker than a 1hour dota loss after which you feel drained and soulless. mebbe that's just me :/
Posted 01:35pm 09/2/15
Yeh agree reload.

I find myself lacking enthusiasm to play it because it feels shallow? But it has the benefit of not making me feel like /neck so I don't know.
Posted 08:31pm 09/2/15
I've played a fair bit of this lately - I got to level 30 on the weekend too so I wanted to post my thoughts.

I REALLY enjoy the length of the game. Losing isn't a huge issue as the time sink isn't too extreme.

I really like Objectives + Camps. Very rarely is there nothing to do but push a lane.

I enjoy the speed/pacing of the game. From minute 1 you're doing s***, objectives change the nature of the game drastically.

I enjoy the fact that teamwork is more important from the start. Teamwork is important from the first time the first objective becomes available. There really isn't a laning phase.

I enjoy the fact that you can be losing, even quite badly, and one fight can turn the game around.

I would prefer Blizzard chose a different business model. That being said, it's not an impediment for me to play. I spent about $30 I think and got half a dozen heroes, and the rest I've unlocked. Still, it's a pain!

I miss voice chat. This is a cop out I think from Blizz, pings are great, but nothing compares to Voice Chat.

As far as pay to win is concerned. I can't agree. Do I find it really frustrating that you just can't pick whatever hero you want from day 1 - YES. Do I think it puts you at a disadvantage against others NO. Are there balancing issues - I say yes!

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