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The absolutely gorgeous looking "quirky, experiential climbing game" Grow Home from developer Ubisoft has now made its way to Steam for PC, bringing the adventures of Bud and his procedurally generated animations to your screen.

Grow Home is being developed by Ubisoft's Reflections studio and looks pretty different from the team's other projects (The Crew, Tom Clancy's The Division). Developed by an eight-person team, Grow Home gives players control of BUD, short for Botanical Utility Droid, who is tasked with scouring the galaxy for new plant life that can oxygenate his home world. As BUD, players will help grow the towering Star Plant and scale the game's changing environment.

The game is a combination of climbing and exploration, Ubisoft says. Grow Home is all about vertical exploration and investigating your surroundings, searching through caves and nearby islands for power ups. Ubisoft says the PC game is best experienced using a game pad, as players can control BUD's arms independently using shoulder triggers to climb.

“We wanted to challenge how we make games at Ubisoft Reflections,” says Pete Young. producer on the team. “We’ve got a track record of developing massive AAA games and a strong technical heritage, but we’re also a lot more than that.” Grow Home was a chance for the team to experiment on a much smaller scale than the studio is used to, with some challenging restraints.

The team itself is composed of developers with a mix of experience, ranging from recent graduates to veterans. “Each member of the team possesses a broad range of skills but the ethos to help out in whatever way we can,” Young tells us proudly. “I think we’ve created a beautiful and intriguing world that invites you to climb that next ledge and see what new surprises you’ll find.”

Find the game now available in the Steam store, and a launch trailer below showcasing Grow Home's gorgeous artstyle and wonderfully light character Bud.

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