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2D side-scrolling platformers may be making a resurgence of late with titles like Shovel Knight, Starbound and King's Gold, however local Melbourne-based indie dev Benjamin Porter is looking to change up the typical formula with his own take on the genre, titled Moonman.

Scheduled to launch for PC, Moonman is a 2D adventure game set on a procedurally generated nocturnal planet orbited by many moons. Unlike the other titles mentioned above Moonman is based solely on the one planet, and you'll be tasked with collecting fallen moon fragments to power a giant star-machine. Oh and there are jumping spiders.

Moonman blends the short, rogue-like gameplay of games like Spelunky and Binding of Isaac, with the mining and crafting gameplay of Terraria. The game features:
  • a strange green Moonman that smiles at .. well .. everything;
  • a quest that will have you exploring alien landscapes;
  • strange moons that influence the world;
  • peculiar inhabitants to talk to;
  • resources to collect, harvest, mine and trade;
  • a fully destructible world;
  • a plethora of items to wield, wear, throw, fire, and craft;
  • monstrous and odd creatures to hit with things;
  • ancient puzzle-rooms to unlock
  • You can support the development of Moonman yourself by heading over to Porter's Kickstarter. With just nine days to go and only $10,000 left in funding, I'm hoping such a vibrant game does make it, however Porter has said that the game will still be scheduled for release in late 2015 no matter the outcome. You can also check out two trailers below, one of a general overlook of the game and another showcasing some alpha gameplay for the dungeon exploring.

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