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Post by Eorl @ 10:05am 29/01/15 | 4 Comments
Sony has confirmed that music on demand service Spotify is coming to their phones and consoles from Autumn 2015.

The new music service - dubbed PlayStation Music - will partner with Spotify to bring the service to 41 territories, including Australia and New Zealand.

PlayStation Music - purported to be "deeply integrated" and offer "exclusive benefits" to users - will bring more than 30 million songs and 1.5 billion playlists to your PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles, as well as Xperia smartphones and tablets.

PlayStation 4 players will also be able to simultaneously use Spotify and play games, enabling you to "soundtrack [your] gaming sessions".
"Music is a core component of the entertainment offering that consumers expect from Sony," said Sony's Andrew House, "and our goal with PlayStation Music is to provide the most compelling music experiences to the millions of PlayStation Network users around the world."

"This partnership represents the best in music and the best in gaming coming together, which will benefit the vibrant and passionate communities of both Spotify and PlayStation Network. We're thrilled to make Spotify the foundation of our strategy with PlayStation Music."
As a consequence, Sony's present Music Unlimited service will cease operations across all 19 countries on March 29th, 2015, but "nearly all" of the countries served by Music Unlimited will be replaced by the new PlayStation Music. Those of you with an active Music Unlimited subscription on February 28th will receive up to 30 days of free access to Music Unlimited until it closes on March 29th, after which you may be offered an introductory Spotify Premium trial.

It isn't yet clear whether this new music service will require a PlayStation Plus account on consoles, however we'll hopefully be hearing more about it in the coming months. What has been made clear is that both free and premium accounts will be transferrable (and available) to the service, according to a post on the US PlayStation Blog.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:03am 29/1/15
How many people really used Music Unlimited, I refused to on the basis that I was already paying for Spotify and I'm not paying for 2 services.
Posted 11:32am 29/1/15
Meanwhile, the ps4 still doesn't have a simple way to stream media to the ps4 to watch.

You can use plex and stream it to a html browser on the ps4 :/
Posted 11:40am 29/1/15
So wait, is this actual Spotify, or a different service that still requires its own subscription and is just powered by Spotify in the backend? If I already have a spotify subscription, will I be able to use this rebadged Playstation version or will it still require its own subscription?
Posted 11:46am 29/1/15
Both versions of Spotify, the free and premium accounts, will be available on Sony's platforms according to this PlayStation Blog post. This leads me to believe that your current account will be transferrable/usable on the service, though they still have yet to clarify if you need a PS Plus account to actually access the service.
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