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Post by Eorl @ 12:31pm 23/01/15 | 3 Comments
Square Enix and Psyonix have announced that the open beta for their third-person Vampire versus Human title Nosgoth is now live on Steam, bringing with it a double XP event to celebrate.

“We are incredibly passionate about the Nosgoth community and we wanted to highlight this in our Open Beta Launch trailer which was made in conjunction with actual players” said Corey Davis, Game Director. “The community is at the core of the game and it is humbling to have such a vibrant and supportive fan-base and put these players’ front and centre of our campaign.”

A new trailer has also been released that shows the competitive team-based multiplayer game in action. The trailer highlights some of the most engaged users as they take on the roles of both Vampire and Human as they brutally tear their opponents to shreds.

The open beta is just the beginning for Nosgoth according to Psyonix, with a new class called the Summoner coming to the game. The Summoner is a new Vampire class that has the ability to call on the powers of the Underworld in order to summon ravenous ghouls. The Summoner will be followed by some additional new updates such as the next Human Class, a new Vampire city map, a new game mode, character skins, league rankings, observer tools, and more.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:52pm 23/1/15
Would be great if I could find other oceanic players :(

Doesn't play well at all with high latency.
Posted 10:20am 27/1/15
Thanks for the info. I was wondering if this game had Aus servers. O well.
Posted 10:27am 27/1/15
I had a go of it, can't say I feel a draw to go play it again.
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