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Post by Eorl @ 12:11pm 16/01/15 | 3 Comments
A recent survey by the Game Developers Conference has shown that the PC gaming market continues to grow leaps and bounds, however consoles are showing a sign of growth.

According to the survey results 26% of developers said they're working on a PS4 game, and 22% said they're working on an Xbox One game. Those numbers are well up from last year's 14% and 12%, respectively, and it makes sense as more and more current-gen consoles make their way into consumers' hands. It was only just after Christmas that Sony posted a whopping 18.5 million console sales for their PlayStation 4, so the evidence is clear.

PC still rests at the top though, with 56% of devs saying they're working on PC games, with that number growing only 3% from last year. To be clear, the survey's numbers don't represent exclusive games only. It's entirely possible, and common, for devs to release a game across all platforms.

For its yearly snapshot of the game industry, GDC polls more than 2,000 North American game developers. This year's GDC will take place on March 2nd to March 6th.

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Posted 05:32pm 16/1/15
Essentially an irrelevant survey. Of course there are more "developers" making games for PC, just open steam and look at the plethora of indie game producers. Hardly any Steam titles make the transition over to consoles because it is simply too expensive to put a game on Live or PSN and then to later patch it.

I would love to see this data contrasted with information on AAA-titles and how many titles are made for each platform.
Posted 09:36pm 16/1/15
AAA-titles lol, according to whom?
Posted 07:04am 17/1/15
Have to admit a lot of the AAA titles that have been coming out on console lately should really be downgraded to AA or A haha.
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