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Post by Eorl @ 06:46pm 15/01/15 | 6 Comments
Upcoming free-to-play zombie survival title H1Z1 will be launching tomorrow morning in early access form, and developer Sony Online Entertainment has revealed that up to 200 servers will be available to play on, varying between Player Versus Player and Player Versus Environment.

John Smedley, CEO of the company, took to Twitter to reveal a handful of details about the game's launch, including that servers will begin first in North America and then Europe. A user pressed Smedley on whether Australian/Oceanic servers will be available, with the CEO responding that it's "going to be all about demand" on whether that happens. He did however note that SOE do have an Australian data centre, which currently facilitates the company's PlanetSide 2 local servers.Specific rulesets for the servers and any other details will all be outlined in the coming days, Smedley confirmed.

H1Z1 will be launching tomorrow, January 16th, at 4:00am AEST for those counting the hours. It will be available directly through Steam at a price point of $19.99, however a $39.99 package will also be available that includes 25 event tickets, 3 airdrop tickets, 4 keys, 6 crates and an exclusive Aviator Hat crafting recipe.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:49pm 15/1/15
And good bye to DayZ. H1Z1 will come out more polished, better game play, better graphics then what they have done in years.
Posted 09:22am 16/1/15
To be fair though to DayZ it was working with a really s***** engine the entire time. I do agree though they did need to do something a lot quicker, but it was still fun when you did not die to a closing door or fall off of ladders etc.
Posted 03:57pm 16/1/15
Rominion - better graphics? mate you need glasses. DayZ wont go away. Im guessing most will head back after their little 'affair' with h1Z1 :/
Posted 01:16am 21/1/15
Have played H1Z1 since release...Its ok, I would give it 6.5 out of 10.. Its nothing super and it has along way to go. The land is not that big either, can sort of walk around in In rather a quick time, but still decent size. It has potential but anyone calling it a DAyz killer is mad.

See, dayz has two things going for it. BIGGER map, and an engine (as old as it is) that scales like crazy. if you were to turn on all the bells and whistles of the standalone, and set the visual range to 20 miles, not only would it bring most rigs to their knees, it also means you have one of the best looking games, which one day computers will be able to run ;) .

Being dayz is a military sim engine, you have far better and engaging ballistics also, which nearly all other games, not only zombie survival games, lack. H1Z1 is a shooter, not a sim, so yeah don't expect too much bullet drop. U think with the new additions this year, including a new renderer, new zombie A.I. and vehicles and such, dayz will be back on track to kick ass. I know H1z1 has just come out, but its far from a dayz killer. I am still waiting for the perfect blend of survival, first-person, zombie apoc sim. GIve me the zombie A.I. and hordes (and great looks) from Dead Rising 3...give me landscape and areas a few times larger than Dayz is now, give me the close combat take downs of zombies in the footage of say Dead Island 2. and we are starting to talk REAL zombie Apoc sim.... maybe one day hey lads....
Posted 04:35pm 23/1/15
It'll come eventually, once the market has finished making an easy buck off an in-demand genre, Jack.

Give it 5 years and we'll hopefully see that perfect game.
Posted 10:48am 25/1/15
Can anyone tell me if this game actually has Aus servers?
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