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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:39pm 14/01/15 | 28 Comments
By now a lot of you will have traipsed your way through the chilly events of Far Cry 4, wingsuiting your way through the Himalayas, gun in tow. The game's setting was good, but it did fail to move beyond the blueprint left with Far Cry 3, and with this in mind, we've pondered the direction Ubisoft Montreal should take the inevitable fifth game in. Hint: #Straya.

It was the level of aggro that the often OP animals of Far Cry 4 showed that first got me thinking, but then after a bit of research in my own backyard, it became abundantly clear that it's actually criminal any survival-based game hasn't been set on our home soil. Even just a flick through the Meanwhile in Australia memes and Facebook page was enough, but the deeper I went down the wombat hole, the more sense it made that Ubisoft should be looking Down Under for their next Far Cry adventure.

Read my in-depth reasoning for an Aussie setting for Far Cry 5 right here.

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Posted 02:51pm 14/1/15
good idea. are there any really successful games set in straya?

base it across the North to NW regions from Kakadu through to Dampier.

they should use Drop Bears as the new Honey Badgers!

for towers they could make Telstra the bad guy and we could unlock their mobile towers.

They will use this them song i assume.

Posted 03:09pm 14/1/15
Awesome idea. Liking FC4 but a Far Cry set in Australia would be great.
Posted 03:17pm 14/1/15
Will never happen. There are a hundred more interesting places to set the next FarCry.

good idea. are there any really successful games set in straya?

Yeah Diggers Fall.
Posted 03:56pm 14/1/15
I have actually been on the Ubisoft forums lately asking them to put some Aussie history into the next Assassins Creed. Apparently it is going to be based in England in the 1800s so why cant we catch a slave ship to the colonies here back then? So sick of no Aussie love in game development.
Posted 03:57pm 14/1/15
I'd rather their dinosaur island idea be the next Far Cry than Australia.
Posted 05:12pm 14/1/15
venomous snakes and invertebrates are frightening in real life but in a video game? they don't exactly have the same impact as a charging rhino, elephant, tiger etc. oh look a brown snake better walk around it, oh look another snake, oh look a another... you get my point.

i would also like to see them do a dinosaur/Jurassic park theme
Posted 05:30pm 14/1/15
I'd like to point out that great white sharks are not apex predators, since killer whales prey on them.
Posted 05:32pm 14/1/15
Yeah but think about all the truly awful Australian accents that would be in the game!
Posted 05:33pm 14/1/15
Posted 05:59pm 14/1/15
Oh my god this would be amazing.
Posted 07:52pm 14/1/15
Mad max? Wait no.. that was terrible.
Posted 09:03pm 14/1/15
Yeah but think about all the truly awful Australian accents that would be in the game!

I'll never buy it coz uplay sux but were I to die and wake up in another person's body who lacked a brain and I actually bought it, I'd hope at least one person yelled out "CRIKEY", before you shoot him through the chest.
Posted 09:23pm 14/1/15
Did you know, seven of the top 10 deadliest snakes in the world are Australian? The inland taipan (or Fierce Snake), the world’s most dangerous snake,
How many people has this "deadly" snake killed... if you guessed zero you'd be pretty damn close.

Australia has the some of the most venomous snakes, their kill count is f*****g woeful though,.
Posted 02:35am 15/1/15
A good place to set it is South East Queensland. There's rainforests, beaches, urban areas, city areas and the local regime is massively corrupt which is always a must for a open world game.
Posted 03:53am 15/1/15
I don't think its a great idea. I want a Snow region for the next game. We have had 2 tropical setting, Afrtica and now a mountainous region. Its time to change it up a bit.

My idea would be Russia or some other snowy place. Could even use North or South Pole. As for enemies, you could be fighting an oil drilling company and the mercs it pays for protection. Towers could be Oil Derricks or something. It could be a bit bland visually, with just snow but it depends on where you set it. If set in Russia, half of the map could be cold and snowy plains and the other half could be wet and cold forests. Something to that effect. But not 'Straya please.
Posted 08:28am 15/1/15
The gun culture and political stability in Australia could really work well to make the worlds most boring game.
Posted 11:24am 15/1/15
I dunno, sure we have some very dangerous spiders and snakes, but they don't really lend themselves well to shooter gameplay. And the setting could just end up feeling a lot like the Africa one outside of that.

Personally, I've always thought an Australian GTA style game would be great, set like the 60's/70's type of thing. Remember that movie Dirty Deeds? I always thought that sort of setting would make a great GTA style game.
Posted 01:40pm 15/1/15
Yeah, I think it's safe to say it's a fail idea. My votes for the Congo.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:08pm 15/1/15
It's not a verbatim idea though - the places are fictional, so you can still play with how it's structured. I really don't see how no one can see the diversity of AU as being a negative. You talk about small animals, meaning all anyone wants is the larger ones, meaning you don't want change. The tail-end of the feature points out that open-worlds need to stop being static platforms, and a system players need to think about - in an Aussie-based game, built on even a few things I mentioned would mean you couldn't just run through the game-world without consequence. It would change how you approach conflicts; you couldn't use a muddy waterway to stay out of sight at night, for example, for fear of crocs or bull sharks.

these games need something new, and a reacting and dangerous environment that isn't enemies with guns or just tigers you can eventually kill isn't it. Having to monitor insect bites and fevers and more would really create a tense experience IMO
Posted 07:50pm 15/1/15
Having to monitor insect bites
yeah im pretty sure that malaria was the most universally loved part of far cry 2.
Posted 07:57pm 15/1/15

Having to monitor insect bites

Steve, you have lost the plot.
Posted 08:18pm 15/1/15
Every time you have an itch a QTE happens that determines whether you scratch the itch or not.
Posted 11:54pm 15/1/15
I think set in Aus would work well, and remember to all non-aussies Aus is a mysterious and wondrous dangerland filled with walking, crawling, slithering, swimming, flying death traps.

Having said that, I would absolutely love a dinosaur one, been thinking about that for a while!
Posted 03:07am 16/1/15
If it were set in Aus you could have your character fight with aboriginal freedom fighters against the white man for control of their land lol. Or perhaps big mining companies trying to swoop in and take the uranium mines and such. You could do things like smuggling runs for...medicinal liquids for the native peoples.
Posted 05:25am 16/1/15
Least I can play one AAA game with some Aussie love. Been racing around Bathurst in my Holden Xbox Racing Team VF Commodore lately and they have a whole V8 Supercars series to complete in Forza Motorsport 5.
Posted 07:32pm 18/1/15
it would be pretty hard to have that sort of chaos going on in Australia :L
I reckon the character we play as would need to have no identity what so ever.
make the game in the Northern Territory and Use the Myth that there is supposed to be some big underground American facility under pine gap which is more central Australia.
have police and our society.
make the story where the main character gets exposed to information about the facility, the Americans are bad guys (for once) and he has to take their operation down. so like gta and farcry interfused pretty much because lets face it Australia may be diverse in a lot of ways but the only way you get combat on a farcry scale in Australia to look good is if we were invaded or the above plot!! or maybe invasion would be better like the movie/story: tomorrow when the war began which is set in Australia????
Posted 09:58pm 20/1/15
lol Diggers Fall.
Posted 12:36pm 09/2/15
This could be either totally brilliant or close-to-racist crap. The big dumb occa Australian can be seen in so much media it sucks, that said if they take from Crocodile Dundee, and really get to know the real Australians and the "tough Aussie worker fair go spirit" it could be really good! Also everything here can kill you so that's a plus too lol
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