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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:02pm 07/01/15 | 10 Comments
Curse Gaming (not affiliated with publishing platform Curse) has kicked off the New Year announcing that it is folding into Team Liquid, effectively creating an eSports organisation with competitors and talent across the board.

From Liquid`Nazgul:
Today, I'm making the biggest announcement of my career. It's a huge day, both for Team Liquid as an organization, and for myself on a personal level.

I'm writing this from my perspective; you can get the other side if you click the orange link above.

From this moment onward, myself and Steve Arhancet — the owner of the organization previously known as Curse Gaming — will go forward as co-owners in Team Liquid. All teams previously known as Curse Gaming will now compete under the Liquid name.

This means Team Liquid now has a League of Legends team, and will be competing in LCS. On top of that, we will be fielding a Challenger team for LoL. For our Smash division, HungryBox and Chillindude will be joining up with Ken and KDJ, while Nuckledu will be representing us in Street Fighter.

And this is only the beginning. You can expect plenty more from Team Liquid soon enough.
You can read the full breakdown of the reasons for the merger by clicking here, which includes a perspective from both organisations.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:34pm 07/1/15
So why the coverage of this particular company? Not that I mind, I'd like to see Ausgamers cover more of the competitive gaming scene.

Team Liquid looks like they need to field a CS:GO team, CS:GO is rapidly increasing in both spectators and competitors, last year saw over $1,000,000 in prize money given out across 4 major tournaments, plus a stack of extra $ in minor tournaments.
Posted 03:44pm 07/1/15
any aus teams competing at this level?

They'd need the NBN though.... bloody obama.
Posted 04:03pm 07/1/15
There is a couple of CS:GO Aus teams, Vox Eminor being the most consistent. I believe they attended 2 major's in 2014. Unfortunately they haven't won a match in group stages.. yet. The European teams have a very strong presence and benefit from playing amongst themselves quite often.

That big ocean data voyage isn't going to go away with NBN :(
Posted 07:49pm 07/1/15
So would they rename to Liquid Curse or Curse Liquid?
Posted 10:25am 08/1/15

I agree that more coverage of Australian teams and the competitive scene generally would be great, but this particular story is particularly noteworthy considering the number of games Curse Gaming and Team Liquid span. If nothing else, Team Liquid have marginalised coverage of League of Legends in favour of DOTA2 for a very long time (after their foundation in Starcraft and Starcraft2), so them picking up a LOL team surprised me.
Posted 11:14am 08/1/15
On a side note: ESEA a highly important private match-making/pugging/ladder system has just gone live for Australia. Apparently the guys at Pantheon had a hand in getting it here. ESEA is what has fostered the European and US competitive scene for CS:GO, possibly for TF2 as well. So it's a big thing for the struggling Aus competitive scene, hopefully it will see an increase to the overall quality of players and perhaps we will win a match in the group stages of a major soon.
Posted 11:28am 08/1/15
I guess liquid is a pretty big name in esports. Maybe not so much these days but back in sc and sc2. The liquid forums were kind of an unofficial esports everything forum.

Seconded on the esports thing. Wouldn't mind some more coverage. Don't mind watching leet haxors play whatever game I am currently into.

last edited by ctd at 11:28:12 08/Jan/15
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:49am 08/1/15
We actually have Eorl over in the States right now to cover the SMITE WC - 2015 is a year I plan on making sure eSports becomes a regular focus here. Suggestions and help more than welcome as I don't particularly follow eSports :)
Posted 01:28pm 08/1/15
If you could follow any Aus eSports team that plays in an International comp through qualifying or invites that would be grand, for any game.
Posted 03:54pm 09/1/15
The reason Voxe haven't won anything is because our internet is s***e and we don't have the same level of quality teams as Europe and can't scrim against any high quality teams based outside Aus.
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