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The next fighter in Killer Instinct on Xbox One will be the supernatural, bat-like "Omen," the fighting game's studio announced over the weekend, and he will be a bonus character available to all owners of season 2 content in the series.

More details on Omen will become available in the coming week; for now, he has been given a screenshot (below) and description:

"His moveset has some familiar normals from Jago, some new ones, and his specials are either all-new or ones that you only the boss version of Shadow Jago used. We'll talk more about his repertoire in detail next week, so until then, here are some quick highlights:
  • 3 shadow stocks!
  • Shadow-powered ability to cancel any action, turn into shadow, and move a short distance in any direction
  • Multi-hitting close-range kick special
  • Powerful projectile zoning with some radical projectile options
  • A special move that burns all 3 stocks!
  • Aerial movement options
  • Slide
  • As a bonus character, Omen will not have his own story mode, but, "He will be featured prominently in some of the S2 cast's stories, as he's become a lot more important to the larger story than we originally planned."

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