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The Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta going on right now has introduced a new game type, as well as two new maps and another weapon, 343 Industries revealed.

The new game is Breakout, a round-based team deathmatch in which each participant has only one life per round, and teams must win five rounds to take the match. Breakout is available on two maps, Crossfire and Trench.

The two new maps in the beta, Regret and Eden, have been added to the Slayer playlist. They are variations on two maps introduced in the beta's first week, Regret and Eden.

The new weapon is the Hydra MLRS, which 343 called "brand-new to the Halo universe." It's available in Slayer matches on Regret.

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Posted 11:27am 05/1/15
The beta is actually pretty good. Not sure we have local server support for it though because I hear a lot of US accents in my headset. If you are going to try the new game type Breakout you apparently should do it with a team as well because it requires a fair bit of team work.

Hopefully they get us set-up on the local azure cloud servers here before launch because I think it will be quite a competitive game with the new ranking system and tournaments going on. Halo seems to be in the same sort of league as Call of Duty for professional tournaments now.
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