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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:32pm 24/12/14 | 9 Comments
It's that time of year again where we unchain Eorl from his desk and I finally serve broth to our hungry freelancers, who've been waiting in line for oh-so-long.

Of course Joaby, as always, will likely ask "please sir, can I have some more" and who in their right mind can turn away those puppy-dog eyes?

We're effectively shutting the machine down just while the industry grinds to its usual halt, but if there's any newsworthy stuff, we'll be sure to chime in on it. It's been an interesting year, both here at AusGamers with our redesign and a slight restructure (which we'll talk more about in the early part of 2015), and the industry on the whole. A big list of games that were due in 2014 were pushed back into 2015, while the games that were released this year may have been among the most diverse we've seen in a long time in both the Triple-A camp and on the indie front.

In 2015 we aim to provide a more expansive service here, with more reviews, a bolstered look at the tech-world, more interviews and unique features, more video and, well, more of everything. If you have ideas and feedback, please drop us a note.

We just want to thank everyone who sticks by AusGamers/QGL year-in-year-out, even if you are forum rats :P -- it's your voice we hear first and foremost, and to everyone else who frequents the site, or just visits in intervals, we just want to say have a wonderful and safe holiday, and may there be myriad games in your immediate future.

And to all my staff, and all the freelancers and volunteers, your hard work and dedication never goes unnoticed -- so a huge thank you from myself to you for making AusGamers what it currently is and, more importantly, helping shape what it's going to be as we evolve and move into 2015 and beyond.

See you under the aluminium pole :)

- Steve Farrelly and the AusGamers team.


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Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:13pm 24/12/14
(Also, I can see the spelling error I made on the image - I just can't change it because I stupidly didn't save the .PSD)
Posted 07:39pm 24/12/14
your image doesnt work bro
Posted 10:04am 25/12/14
Half life img and GoW? This place is like an anal dreddie to GA. The king is dead, long live the king.
Your forums are dead beyond a random political thread or a monthly music thread.
Posted 01:53am 25/12/14
Happy Christmas and a merry new year to you guys too! Woohoo!
Posted 06:02pm 25/12/14
Audi, firstly, half of what you said is unintelligible gibberish.
Secondly, go back to IGN where they give every game max 9 if it isn't call of duty or 9.5 if it is call of duty.
Posted 08:47am 26/12/14
Merry Christmas all and hope everyone has a safe and joyful New Year!
Posted 10:43am 26/12/14
IGN? What's that? You're right though the reviews here are good. But GA had them too.
Posted 11:18am 26/12/14
Audi i thought you would be living it up at Diggers fall. image

I wonder if Gordon Freeman got a portal gun for chrissie.
Posted 04:27pm 26/12/14
Serenity now
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