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Post by Eorl @ 09:00am 19/12/14 | 37 Comments
As expected thanks to a recent leak from PayPal, Steam's annual Winter sale is back and ready to remove those precious dollars you thought would be safe for food and Christmas presents.

Like the past few years, Valve has once again taken up offering the typical set of Daily Deals and this year the savings are just as big. On today's platter we have Space Engineers ($9.99), Sniper Elite III ($24.99), State of Decay ($4.99), Euro Truck Simulator 2 ($3.74), RockSmith 2014 ($16.98), Dark Souls 2 ($20.34), Total War: Rome 2 ($19.98), Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth ($53.99) and the newly launched Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes ($13.39).

Alongside the Daily Deals the Steam sale also has 12-hours deals up for grabs. These include Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar, SpeedRunners, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Styx: Master of Shadows and Damned.

The Community Choice deals have also returned, however with a slight tweak. Like the past users will be able to vote for one of three games, however unlike the past all three games will still be receiving discounts, however the one who does win the vote will receive a far weightier discount, so think before you vote! You'll also be able to score collectible cards for each of your votes, which you can then use to create a Holiday Sale 2014 badge.

You can find all those deals and more at Steam's official website or through the client (or mobile app!).

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Latest Comments
The Nerfatar
Posted 09:49am 19/12/14
New layout is annoying and unnecessarily cluttered/obscure, regional prices are more and more clearly balls every year and making the sales much less exciting.

Gone from being prime steam sale enthusiastic to completely meh.
Posted 10:18am 19/12/14
I feel like the new layout helps dramatically in seeing what I have in my library and what I don't. Not really sure how it could be considered cluttered, especially in the Winter Sale when you only get Daily Deals/12-Hour Deals shown.
The Nerfatar
Posted 10:45am 19/12/14
Well besides from just knowing, didn't the old layout just put a strike through or grey out through things you already had?

I prefer a consistently sized grid so that I can weigh each item on its own worth rather than feeling like certain things are meant to be standing out more than others, and a layout which can fit like 9 items of data on a decent modern monitor...

Plus things are repeated like a half dozen times down the page as I scroll, I have no idea where it's meant to stop. I miss the simple information about global player data and stuff that was always just a tiny scroll down.

Steam sales got big with clean and simple and recognizable iconography (the green discount price etc). As other competitors move in, changing that established branding and recognizable familiarity from past sales seems a silly move on their part, but IDK.
Pablitos Way
Posted 11:02am 19/12/14
Injustice getting now. Waiting on Ultra Street Fighter IV to drop..
Posted 11:14am 19/12/14
Well besides from just knowing, didn't the old layout just put a strike through or grey out through things you already had?
Nope, that was added as part of the recent UI overhaul. Stuff you own now has an "In library" icon over it.
Posted 11:18am 19/12/14
I'm told to wait for the final day before buying stuff, further discounts imminent.
Posted 12:24pm 19/12/14
Best guide for Steam Sales is if its in the daily deal, 12-hour deal or community choice it won't get any better discounts. Only wait until the final day if the game doesn't appear in any of those categories.
Posted 01:11pm 19/12/14
I like how your wishlist is displayed on the front page during the sale.
Though when it's that easy it almost doesn't seem worth buying anything at full price now, just add it to the wishlist and wait maybe a month...
Posted 01:18pm 19/12/14
The only game I want is Styx. The only other game after that I want is Arkham Knight.
Posted 01:47pm 19/12/14
Purchased ground zeroes even though I played it on PS4. Yeah yeah yeah glorified demo bla bla. Still better than 99% of the s***e that gets released. You should get at least 2 hours out of it plus 5 or more if you do side missions.
Posted 03:07pm 19/12/14
Grabbed Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Rising ($8!!). Solid start.
Posted 04:05pm 19/12/14
Anyone wanna play insurgency with me? I'll buy you a copy.
Posted 04:50pm 19/12/14
... just add it to the wishlist and wait maybe a month...

This. I've been doing this for a while now and it works for my wallet.

Nerfatar; I'm not sure what you're referring to as far as 'cluttered'. I appreciate that now 'sponsored' deals are larger (physically, on screen) than others, but the new UI is MUCH better than the old. If you're still having trouble, refer to Dahzel's quote... just add any game you're interested in to your wishlist, and wait til it's 50% or more off. Piece of piss really.
Posted 07:34pm 19/12/14
Greazy: My mates and I play 'surge quite a bit, message me steam deets.
Posted 12:39am 20/12/14
I love the new interface, never know what's in my library or on my wishlist, so that's super helpful. As are the customisable grid views.
Posted 10:29am 20/12/14
Nabbed Dark Souls 2.
Can't log in to the servers since i downloaded it.
Anybody having this issue? I dont have much desire to play without inscriptions/warnings etc. on the ground, its what gave DS1 its pizazz.
Of which even online, DS1 is a dead world now.

Nevermind, it seems it must be an issue with steam/being hammered from downloads during the sale.
changed download to america and relogged in, took a few goes to log and immediately went to DS2, no issues.

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Posted 12:56pm 21/12/14
So far I've bought Damned 4-Pack, Guns of Icarus Online 4-Pack, Spacebase DF-9, Hack 'n' Slash, Don't Starve Together, Risk of Rain and Planet Explorers. Only have one other game I want and that's Kingdoms Rise but so far I'm doing pretty well.
Posted 03:34pm 21/12/14
Friend of mine recommended me HammerWatch which is 85% off so I grabbed the 4 pack of that.
Posted 07:47pm 21/12/14
I picked up Rise of Nations today for $5
Posted 12:35am 22/12/14
Wiat Don't starve together is out?
Posted 10:26am 22/12/14
hotline miami, doorkickers, insurgency and metalgear rising so far >_<
Posted 01:27pm 22/12/14
Picked up 7 Days to Die, anyone keen for a game hit me up.
Posted 01:45pm 22/12/14
Wiat Don't starve together is out?
It's in Early Access. If you already own Don't Starve you'll get it free when it's released properly and 75% off the Early Access price.
Posted 02:09pm 22/12/14
tempted to grab Grim Dawn, been on my wishlist for ages but I just can't seem to hit the button and buy it.
Posted 04:34pm 22/12/14
Grim Dawn is decent however I haven't played it for ages (backed the kickstarter). It's the same guys from Titan Quest, last I checked they released Act 3. It's enjoyable but as I haven't played it in at least half a year I can't tell you if much changed. It lacked depth and content back when I was playing.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 04:35pm 22/12/14
Grabbed all the batman games for $5 each
Posted 07:46pm 01/1/15
Borderlands GOTY + Borderlands 2 pack for $9.99 is pretty good value I reckon.

What I really want though is a super cheap Lego game bundle.
Posted 07:51pm 01/1/15
I ended up getting don't starve Mega-Pack for $10USD (55% off). It includes Don't Starve, Reign of Giants, Don't Starve Together and a Gift Copy of Don't Starve Together. Not a bad price.

I also got a 2nd CS:GO copy for $7.
Posted 09:19pm 01/1/15
I also went and bought every game that cost 49c because I am an addict and my addiction wants to send me broke.
Posted 11:27pm 01/1/15
This sale I got.

Shadow Warrior
This War of Mine
AOE 2 HD edition
Wasteland 2
The GuVna
Posted 07:58am 02/1/15
The attacks on my Wallet were:

- Lethal League
- Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
- Toybox Turbos
Posted 10:04am 02/1/15
Spent a crapload this time, bought nothing.

Just seems to be nothign interesting worth buying, a shame :(
Posted 12:29pm 02/1/15
Only managed to wrack up around $90ish this time around. Mainly multiplayer games to enjoy with friends but I was able to grab Lichdom: Battlemage and Grim Dawn for cheap which grows my backlog even more.
Posted 12:46pm 02/1/15
i didn't buy anything.
Posted 08:57pm 02/1/15
I bought Arma 3 and Rise of Nations

I bought GoT Telltale game on my Android pretty click on a 5.5" screen
Posted 09:30pm 02/1/15
Big winner for me was Shadow of Mordor. f*** that game is fun, I've been pretty much glued to my pc since I started it.
The Nemesis system is so f***** cool. I'd love to see it expanded upon and similar ideas used in other games.
Posted 11:01pm 02/1/15
insurgency FTW! it's a CS + BF4 style gameplay
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