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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:52pm 17/12/14 | 3 Comments
Following the weekend's shortform access, we have a hands-on preview of Wargaming's third entry in the 'World of' series, World of Warships.

Nachosjustice takes us to the high-seas in the third cog in Wargaming's unstoppable war machine and walks away maintaining that the strength across all three 'World of' brands is how different they all play against one another.

From his preview:
Much like its older brothers, World of Warships separates its fighting vehicles into categories. In this instance, players choose between Cruisers, Destroyers, Battleships and Aircraft Carriers, with the latter instance also acting as a VIP ship that should be destroyed if it’s flying opposing colours, or protected if it’s waving your team’s flag. The different classes also represent a pecking order and rock-paper-scissors-style gameplay mechanic where the lighter and faster classes are purpose built to take down their lumbering opponents in bigger boats.
Click here for our full World of Warships hands-on preview.

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Posted 04:47pm 17/12/14
Ah man, I had access codes I was trying to pass out as well
Posted 06:36pm 17/12/14
Amazing, I really don't think nachosjustice has played any of the games. If anything he's seen it and just reproduced what Wargaming gave to him as a press release.
Posted 03:53pm 18/12/14
Great to see your helpful comments on a Wargaming article again, HurricaneJim. What exactly did Wargaming do to make you hate them so much (and, by extension, my positive experiences with PREVIEW CONTENT of their games)?
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