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Post by Eorl @ 11:54am 17/12/14 | 12 Comments
The highly anticipated Elite: Dangerous launched today. After almost two years in the making, following a very successful £1.5 million Kickstarter campaign the man behind the project pressed a big red button. Version 1.0 of the game is now available to purchase and play.

The premise of Elite is simple "Start with a small starship and 1,000 credits, and do whatever it takes to get the skill, knowledge, wealth and power to stand among the ranks of the Elite." However the game takes place in "a cutthroat galaxy… an epic, full-scale recreation of our Milky Way," with galactic superpowers making war, pirates, bounty hunters, smugglers, explorers and more. In the game you can fly alone or with friends and your actions change the galaxy around you.

If you are taking your first steps in Elite: Dangerous and wonder where to start, you might be interested to know that at your nearest docking bay you will find the game's story-driven campaign and newsfeed, reports Polygon. "Check the GalNet feeds to see the events happening across the galaxy. At launch we'll unlock the core Imperial worlds, where the first major story events and story-specific missions will be available," said the developers in an email. The first of the major story events revolve around the fate of the Emperor, who is ill, and the six rivals jostling to take his place.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:33pm 17/12/14
I think I bought this, better go check all the emails I trashed in case I missed the one telling me to download it.
Posted 01:40pm 17/12/14
Didn't get any emails about it, but I logged into the store and found a link to download the installer.
Posted 02:41pm 17/12/14
I haven't followed E:D closely but from what I have seen the game is a little lacking in some game play areas.

They did a youtube video a few months back about the future of E:D and once they finish implementing that list of features I think the game will have much better long term gameplay capabilities.
Posted 03:36pm 17/12/14
Not on Steam?
Posted 03:42pm 17/12/14
Not at the moment Rocket, don't know if it will be in the future.

If anyone has it and wants to add me name is Eorl in-game.
Posted 04:17pm 17/12/14
Will do once I get into it, the download is f*****g slow as.
Posted 04:50pm 17/12/14
It has voice commands which actually work?
Holy crap!
Posted 07:34pm 17/12/14
Holy f*** the mouse controls are infuriating. I spent about 10 minutes doing the combat training mission to kill those 2 ships before giving up since I couldn't turn fast enough to find them. Found my Logitech WingMan Force just now and will try it again tonight.
Posted 01:27am 18/12/14
The joystick helps a lot in controlling the ship but there's a few bugs which are just f*****g annoying. I'm constantly getting a docking bug where it the ship won't allow me to dock, so I have to exit to main menu and log back in, or I'm sitting on the landing pad and it won't register I'm there and/or won't detect I'm in the blue circle thing ready to be accepted into dock (even if I'm facing the control tower).

Combine that with ending up in the most f***tarded start system where it takes up to 5 minutes to fly between stations and I haven't had an enjoyable start. The game has all the makings, but just some really irritating starting bugs.
Posted 10:09am 18/12/14
Yeah the bugs are a tad annoying but expected. Hopefully they'll sort them out ASAP, but I definitely recommend joystick controls for anyone wanting to play.
Posted 02:03pm 18/12/14
Game pad works a f*****g treat too..

The docking bug can be reset by Contact>Cancel , then re-request and land.

The UI is however a breath of fresh air, so nice so spacey.

Long term content has me worried though, it's getting boring already.
Posted 04:44pm 18/12/14
Does anyone elses UI continually shutter/jitter/shake - f*** me it's annoying. I googled around and it's apparently an "immersion" feature but it needs to be f***ed off as it's more annoying than anything else.
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